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Samsung WF438AAR washer

Large capacity washers can take in more loads, but usually compromise the quality of laundry cleaning they do. While consumers can save on water and electricity because of less loading times, there's no guarantee that the clothes and heavy laundry items will come out just as clean as expected.

Fortunately, the Samsung WF438AAR, is designed to offer both: the large loading capacity and high performance in cleaning and stain removal.
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* huge capacity

* steam technology

* SilverCare technology

* silent and smooth operation

* numerous settings and options

* cleans well

* removes odors well

* expensive

* dispenser doesn't work

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Product Overview The Samsung WF438AAR is a washing machine that has some great features and technologies that set it apart from other washing machines in the same price range. This huge washing machine has a load capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, which is large enough to fit most types of garments. Aside from its high capacity, this washer also has a front-loading design, which helps in conserving water and energy. In fact, this washer is Energy Star compliant, which means it uses little resources to help protect and conserve the environment. This washer has a number of features and technologies that make it an efficient and effective washer that can handle most household needs. Read on to learn more about the Samsung WF438AAR and its features.

Extra Large Capacity

One of the great features of this washer is its huge capacity. With a load capacity this large, users don't have to use their laundry machine all day just to do the bedding and drapes. The Samsung WF438AAR has enough space to handle king-sized comforters, complete sets of bedding, over 20 bath towels, or a huge load of laundry. Less cycles translates to less effort and more savings for the consumer.

Deep Steam

Another neat feature of the Samsung WF438AAR is the deep steam. The deep steam feature heats up water to generate steam, which is then dispersed into the drum to help sanitize the clothes. The steam helps in cleaning stains and loosening up dirt and grime to provide a more effective wash.


Aside from the deep steam cleaning system, the Samsung WF438AAR also makes use of SilverCare technology. Through SilverCare, silver ions are released into the washer drum to aid in the cleaning process. What's great about SilverCare is the fact that it is a cold water sanitizing system. No heat is required to apply the silver ions during each wash. Over 99% of odor-causing bacteria is removed with the use of SilverCare, which means cleaning and fresher-smelling clothes.

Diamond Drum

Another technology used in the Samsung WF438AA is the Diamond Drum. Diamond-shaped surfaces line the entire drum. At the bottom of each diamond is a small water exit hole. Because of the size of the water exit hole and the diamond drum design, clothes are less likely to snag and get ruined in the washer. The diamond-shaped surfaces also aid in giving laundry items a thorough wash.

Vibration Reduction Technology

A suspension system with
springs is used to help reduce the vibrations produced by the machine when it is operating. By reducing the machine's vibrations, the machine is less likely to produce sound and movement.

Direct-Drive Inverter Motor

The Direct-Drive Inverter Motor is designed without the use of belts or gear. Power is delivered straight to the washer tub, minimizing the number of moving parts and increasing the efficiency, durability, and effectiveness of the washer. The Samsung WF438AAR can do up to 1,300 rpm.

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As with most front-loading washers, one of the biggest advantages of the Samsung WF438AAR is its energy efficiency rating. With the use of advanced technologies, this washer is able to use far less water and energy than other types of washers, especially top-loading washers. Even the SilverCare system aids in reducing the use of energy by providing a cold water sanitation system.

The Vibration Reduction Technology and the Direct-Drive Inverter Motor help to reduce the sound and movement of this washer when it is in operation. Consumers rave about its quieter operation. Another advantage to consumers is that this washer can fit large amounts of clothing and wash them without a struggle. With 13 wash cycles, eight options, five temperature levels, five spin speeds, and three soil levels, they get a good wash for any load thrown into this washer.

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Many people will probably find this washer to be a little too expensive for their taste. At over $1,000, this washer doesn't come cheap at all. Still, when they take into consideration the savings that this washer can help them have on their power and water bills, the price tag won't be a bitter pill to swallow.

Another complaint that some people have written about is the automatic detergent dispenser. Some have claimed that the automatic detergent dispenser doesn't not work properly, but Samsung can handle the problem through a quick call to its customer service.

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Final Thought

The Samsung WF438AAR is a large washing machine with features and technologies that make it well worth the price. For those who can't get over the price tag, it's important to realize just what they are getting from a machine like this. They get a wide variety of settings and options in a washer that is energy-efficient, easy to use, and effective.

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