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Samsung WF419AAW- 4.3 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Ultra Capacity Steam

Samsung's WF419AAW and WF419AAU washing machine models offer the best in laundry technology. These machines are also available in two stylish colors -- WF419AAW (neat white) and WF419AAU (steel blue). The wonderful features of this washing machine include an extra-large capacity tub and energy efficient features. With this machine, you'll use less detergent and water when washing your clothes.

Key features

- The machine has a large load capacity.
- It uses the Vibration Reduction Technology.
- It makes use of the ActivFresh Technology.
- The drum is made of stainless steel for ensured durability throughout the years.
- The unit is Energy Star compliant.
- The unit is available in two colors or models: neat white and steel blue.
- The machine has a stylish and sleek finish.
- It has an internal water heater.
- It is a child-friendly unit with its child-lock feature.
- The unit has an end-of-cycle signal.
- An optional pedestal is available.
- It offers a variety of wash cycles.
- It also has a total of five temperature settings.
- Basic parts and labor are covered under a one-year warranty.
- Parts of the control board are guaranteed by a two-year warranty.
- Parts of the stainless steel drum are covered by a three-year warranty.
- Parts of the motor are covered by a five-year warranty.


Because of the machine's large load capacity, this is perfect for families with heavy loads to be washed on weekends. And because of its Vibration Reduction technology, it can be placed near
bedrooms without having to disrupt family members.

The ActivFresh technology uses quadrillions of silver ions that can effectively and efficiently santize your clothes. This process can help remove up to 99% of bacteria that can cause smelly clothes. And because these silver ions are released in every wash, you can use less detergent and water when washing your delicate clothes. The stainless steel drum is also designed with smaller exit holes for the water, lessening the chances of snagging your clothes.

Through the Vibration Reduction technology, you'll enjoy its whisper-quiet feature. By using advanced steam technology, the Samsung WF419AAW and WF419AAU models makes laundry time a hassle-free task. This feature effectively removes stubborn stains and dirt particles, lessening laundry time. As an Energy Star-compliant machine, you'll be able to save on money and energy in the long run.


One complaint consumers have on this product is that the spin cycle doesn't really work. Some people ended with very wet clothes even after they've used the spin cycle. Another issue is that the door is not reversible. When compared to other units, this machine takes longer when washing clothes.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Large load capacity
- Uses Vibration Reduction Technology
- Uses ActivFresh technology
- Stainless steel drum
- Drum has smaller water exit holes
- Five temperature settings
- Numerous wash cycles
- End of cycle signal
- Optional pedestal
- Stylish colors: neat white and steel blue
- Child-lock feature


- Spin cycle doesn't work
- Non-reversible door
- Longer washing time

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Comments for Samsung WF419AAW- 4.3 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Ultra Capacity Steam

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Nov 29, 2010
We sent it back
by: Anonymous

The washer warm setting is cold, and the hot setting is mildly warm. It is very loud, just as loud as our 10 year old washer and yes we checked it balance. All the clothes are stuck to the drum when it's done. You peel them off and if you were thinking of hanging them up to dry like that, welcome the wrinkles. Crazy. We sent it back.

Aug 17, 2010
Samsung Front Loader.
by: Anonymous

The worst machine I ever bought. Clothe don't come clean or feel rinsed. Spots stay on your clothe. Bleach does not mix with water and puts spots on your clothe, musty smell and it takes forever to do laundry. Why would I ever buy this machine again?

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