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Samsung WF337AAR front load washer

The Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series of washers is a front-loading washer that. The front-loading design means that the longer the washer lasts, the more savings consumers can have on their electricity and water bills. check mark

Product Overview

Designed for practicality, convenience, and good looks, this washer provides a great package that can handle practically any type of load thrown at it. The 4 cu. ft. capacity means that larger loads can be and more laundry will be done while using less resources. Read on to learn more about the many features of the Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series washers.

Different colors

The Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series comes in four variations. The difference between these variants is the color. The WF337AAR is tango red and chrome, the WF337AAL is onyx blue and chrome, the WF337AAW is white and chrome, and the WF337AAG is stratus grey and chrome. With all of these vibrant colors, the washer looks great and fits in well with different room color themes.

SilverCare Sanitation

What makes the Samsung WF337AA series unique is the SilverCare Sanitization system. While some types of washers make use of steam for extra sanitation, the SilverCare washers make use of actual silver. With the use of electrolysis, two plates of 99.9% pure silver are made into ions, which help sanitize and remove bacteria from the garments. Not only is it an effective way of cleaning, but it is also efficient; users can get clean clothes even when they use cold water without any bleach.

Energy Star Compliant

Many of the features and technologies packed into the Samsung WF337AA help in decreasing the use of electricity and water, while improving the efficiency of wash operations. The 4 cu. ft. capacity, along with the SilverCare system and the front-loading design, aids in decreasing the amount of energy and water used by this washer.

Woolmark Certified

The Woolmark Company has certified the Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series as safe for washing wool products. Users just have make sure that the wool garments they have are labeled as washable before them into the washer for a spin. Also, they should pay careful attention to the labels on the wool products that indicate how the product should be washed.

Vibration Reduction Technology

The Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series is built with a suspension system called Vibration Reduction Technology.
This technology helps reduce noise, vibration, and movement when the machine is in operation. Even when the washer is running at its full 1,300 revolutions per minute, it does quietly and smoothly.

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Perhaps the biggest advantage of Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series is that the washers are extremely energy efficient. In comparison with washers that make use of hot water sanitation, the SilverCare washers use 92% less energy. The SilverCare technology allows for cold water sanitation, instead of expending extra energy by heating the water. With all of its great resource-saving features, these washers can help consumers make significant savings from their utility bills.

Another good advantage of this washer is that the Vibration Reduction Technology actually works. Vibration and noise have always been issues with washers, so it's nice to come upon washers that actually do operate quietly and smoothly.
Numerous settings and options allow consumers to dial in the perfect settings for any type of garments. This all translates to a more effective wash and cleaner clothes. Finally, this washer is easy to use and comes in four colors.

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Perhaps the only downside to Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series is the price tag. Some consumers consider it as a bit pricey, but the savings that they can make by using this washer will help them get that money back in no time.

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Final Thought

The Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series leaves little to be desired from a washer. With excellent energy savings, multiple settings and options, beautiful color versions, and effective washing capabilities, anyone can benefit from having they Samsung WF337AA at home. With all of the different technologies and features being put into washers these days, it's good to see a set of washers that can actually live up to its name and the expectations of consumers. Certainly, the Samsung WF337AA SilverCare Series does a good job of meeting the standards for laundry cleaning.

check mark x

* child lock feature

* SilverCare cold water sanitation

* efficiency with water and energy

* comes in four colors

* cleans garments very well

* operates quietly and produces little vibration

* has numerous options and settings to choose from

* has large capacity

* easy to use

* may be a little too expensive for some

* some cycles may exceed two hours

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Comments for Samsung WF337AAR front load washer

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Dec 20, 2017
Poor Service and Support NEW
by: Sherrie O

I owned this washer and dryer set for about 10 years. Over the 10 year period I had to have several repairs on the washer. Replaced the Drain Pump twice and a couple other things. The final issue is the control board/mother board went out about 3 weeks ago and Samsung no longer makes the part. SO guess what, I have to purchase another washer. I can guarantee you it will not be another Samsung. They have the worse customer service. Samsung gave me the run around for almost two weeks then stated, "your machine is 10 years old, we don't make the part anymore so there is nothing we can do". Only after dragging me with calls and opening tickets and having multiple ASC's come out to check look at the machine. Samsung sucks. Their products look good, have nice features but poor quality and poor support for their products. Just say NO to SAMSUNG, I will.

Dec 19, 2016
Rip off NEW
by: Anonymous

This was one of my worst appliance purchases ever. It's been repaired 5 times in 6 years and now has a cracked tub that cannot be fixed. This was the worst washing machine I ever bought. I will never buy Samsung appliances again. Horrible horrible horrible!

Dec 20, 2014
POS Personified NEW
by: Mike the fix it guy

WF350anr bought three years ago. Have had to replace the pump twice as well as the door latch assembly. Now the machine knocks and shuts down at 500 rpm. I suspect it's the dreaded pot metal spider cracked or broken. Levels right on, checked springs and dampeners, no obvious defects. I've ordered the dampeners in slim hope of recovering some economy from this unit...however, with so many units failing due to this engineering defect( spider)I'm not too hopeful. These units should be recalled. Had the POS Neptunes too! Class action suit netted the lawyers millions...the ripped off consumers got a coupon for a discount on another washer. We need a consumer agency with some teeth to keep these rip offs from occurring.

Nov 08, 2014
u work for samsung? NEW
by: Anonymous

I would bet you that are writing these great reviews for this POS washer work for Samsung and don't even own one.

Nov 08, 2014
dam thing NEW
by: Anonymous

I will never buy a Samsung anything again this washer has never drained all the water out and now it sounds like the whole dang thing is going to explode and it been less then a year what a track record

Dec 29, 2012
always vibrates on spin cycle
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same problem as Jim. This washer has vibrated since new on the spin cycle even with NOTHING in the drum. When it was in warranty, the techs came out 3 times to level it...said that must be the problem but couldn't answer why it vibrated with nothing in the drum. Samsung customer service is pathetic too. One of the reasons I bought this washer is that it didn't need to be on a cement floor because it was supposed to run so smooth. I have a house with a basement and the washer is on the main floor, against the wall and I even put braces from the basement floor to the floor its on to be solid and nothing changed. I can sit on the washer and it still shakes. I agree with Jim, something is out of balance in the machine to start with or Samsung could not sell any of these if they all were like this. Everytime we run a load through it and it starts knocking until it stops and repositions the clothes, I would like to take my rubber tired loader and smash the piece of junk flat!!!!!!

May 06, 2012
Samsung 337 and leveling
by: Anonymous

Major problems with unit shutting off in spin cycle.
Spent hours leveling and much frustration when I found out the higher the bolts, the less stability and automatic shut down. Even though the level was sq. in the middle, the height of the bolts gave it too much give. Make sure bolts are short and solid on the floor and also watch out for rubber cover that give the impression your unit is secure, when they can wiggle and cause vibration.

Sep 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

best washer i ever bought. does not move around on a level floor.

Sep 08, 2010
terrible vibrations
by: jim

Purchased the WF328AAR 10/31/09 and am really disappointed with the noises and vibrations.This machine replaced a Sears frontloader which was a lot quieter with very little shaking or vibration.The Samsung is setting where the Sears sat,shipping bolts removed,leveled properly with all four feet touching the floor.A technichen inspected the machine suspecting a problem with the tub but left saying he had to do some research on the matter.A day latter he called and informed me that nothing could be done to remedy the problem,Samsungs tech told him that all washing machines vibrate and should be placed on a concrete floor.The machine shakes so bad with a wet load on the spin cycle it starts to knock.Even with the machine empty run on the spin cycle it vibrates more than the Sears did with a load.Samsung advertises the Vibration Reduction Technology and second floor placement,no way on this one.Have read a lot of favorable reveiws on this model and think there is something wrong with the static balance on my machine.

Sep 08, 2010
great washer
by: Bob

This unit and matching dryer replaced the top of line Maytag I had.

I've only had this installed for two weeks, but found this washer and dryer to be faster and quieter then anything I've had over the years.

May 24, 2009
I am really overjoyed about My new machine
by: Anonymous

Let’s see It’s been about 3 months now I purchased the Samsung WF337AAR front load washer and the matching dryer in the gorgeous shiny Black. I Kid you not when I say I almost enjoy doing laundry now, this machine has a large 3.8 cubic foot capacity and will hold a Great big ole blanket or some big winter coats if you choose to put them in their.

It has 12 pre-set cycles and 6 optional cycles. The Machine I had prior to this machine was pretty basic , but Let me just tell you this with all the sincerity I can muster ..this machine just amazes me, I call it the Big crud Buster,

It has electronic controls with a wonderful digital readout. This Beast of a Machine is very well made and has a stainless steel drum. It is very energy efficient ,and get this, it even knows how much water to use.

There is a gadget called Silvercare and you can choose to have the particles of silver sprinkled into the wash from the silver bars that are inside of the washer ..This option delivers a sterilizing effect on clothes. With operating power of 1300 rpm This monster can really Go ,Oh ! and there is something called vibration reduction technology I guess this must have something to do with why it starts to shake while spinning I have noticed it will slow down and re-balance the load and then it will start spinning fast again.

This Beast of a machine is very quite which I really like Because my Kids would complain about the Noise over their heads , as my wash room is on the second Level. Listen There are just so many nice features and other great things about this machine that I wont attempt to list them all.

I am really overjoyed about My new machine, Now Where are those blasted kids with those grungy clothes. G. T.

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