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Samsung WF337AAG 27-in. Washer 4.0 cu ft

by Sil

As a mentioned in last comment, i too tried everything to get reid of the moldly smell. I even took the extended warrenty. I even call twice for service and both times they told me if it has anything to do with the smell the warranty doesn't not cover it ......basically, when i spoke to a maintance supervisor about my problem ....she told me they know about the problem but can't do anything about. It would have to come from the company directly. And the big companies don't care anymore, they made there sells. So, we spend the big bucks buying this washine machine and find out that no one can or will do anything to help us.

I don't think these big company should get away with it.

Meanwhile, i keep my washine machine door open after each wash , wipe the inside of the rubber , use the refresh tabs.

One thing that i would like to share which is helping me deal with this problem lately ,,, is that i use only about a tablespoon of soap and really only a tablespoon full and i stopped using cloth softener. I don't know if my cloth are getting washed properly.... but i don't get the terrible smell and they look clean.

This came from the time i spoke to the maintence supervisor , she mentioned that one of the reasons , why we have this problem is because of the detergent soap... and what's in it.
Something to do with Sulfit???

I guess we don;t have a choice, big guys alway get away with everything....

But i will continue telling people about my experience , so others won't buy these washing machines and these big company would make any money on them.

Sorry, long comment , but i get so fraustrated how we as client always get trapped.


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Dec 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

It isn't this machine model bought a number of years ago. either WF448AAW,WEF448AAP,WEF448AAE or WF438AAR It's not the smell. It's the BLACK mold under the rubber gasket. Particularly not good for your lungs. I am having an Asthma attack right now after cleaning the mold. Some say to run bleach through a full cycle but this is a weight sensing unit I don't think it could be done. Get on your knees to clean the filter and empty the water sitting in the tube. Probably where some of the odor comes from. Who designed this? I will never have a front loader again. Pretty machines but shouldn't have to deal with mold. I had to use my inhaler from cleaning the machine. Haven't had to use for months. Don't get a front loader. I am so done with this machine only I can't afford to buy a new one. Thanks for listening to me rant. I feel somewhat better now. My chest still hurts though.

Apr 04, 2014
Stinky front loaders NOT UNIQUE OR NECESSARY!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I'd like to make 2 points about all the fuss over the moldy smell. 1. As far back as late 60's early 70's my grandmother had a front loader; the one thing she reminded me on more than one occasion was to "leave the door open or it will stink". Hmmmm

2. What happens to a wash or dish cloth left w soapy water n it to dry?? It grows mold & stinks!! Dirt + soap w/o thoroughly rinsing STINKS folks!!! Were u the ones sleeping during science & home Ec ?

Seriously folks!! Some common sense?! Everyone at some time has let wet clothes n the "top loader" TOO LONG, even steamy bathrooms will breed mold w/o ventilation!!

Gee! Who Knew??!! HERES YOUR SIGN!!!

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