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Samsung WF209ANW 4.0 cu. ft. Front Load Washer

With the Samsung WF209ANW, what you have is a convenient choice for a sleek-looking front load washer. Its maximum capacity of 4.0 cu. f t. allows you to wash heavy loads and get the task done in no time. The front load washer has up to 8 wash cycles and 3 wash options to choose from. It comes in white premium color and has an optional stacking kit and pedestal to help maximize the use of space.

Key features

- Its super capacity allows you to accomplish more cleaning in one loading. As a result, you use less water and get to save on time, money, and energy.

- The Vibration Reduction Technology ensures the quiet and smooth operation of the washer. The machine runs up to 1050 rpm without making too much noise even for unbalanced loads.

- The washer is visually appealing and very neat with its white color. It is made of metallic casing and helps save on space as it can be paired and stacked with a dryer. It also comes with optional pedestals for stocking laundry items.

- The washer is fairly easy to use with its control panel that clearly displays the set cycles and other programmable features. The electronic controls make it easy to choose the perfect setting for each load.

- It has a delay start feature that allows you to set the wash program in advance so you can rest easy and never worry a thing about the scheduled laundry task.

- The front load washer has a child lock feature to keep their hands of the machine and avoid accidents.

- Energy Star-compliant, the washer ensures energy savings with every use.


This machine operates quietly, without the annoying vibration. It handles a large load because of its capacity and makes use of less water than usual. It does a good job at cleaning clothes well. Some consumers have noted how gentle the washer can be on different types of fabric and that it doesn't require large amounts of detergent. It is very easy to use, with programs that are very convenient to set. Once you get used to and well acquainted with the wash cycles, then it becomes more efficient to use. What consumers like about this model is its straightforward feature. It has all the basics for a clean wash, minus the unnecessary frills.

The parts, drum, and other components seem very durable, which can last a long time. This makes a great investment, according to some consumers. The machine is also very stylish, simple, and visually appealing.


There a number of complaints posted by consumers. Some have complained that their washers cannot accommodate the actual load size as advertised. During the spin, some of the laundry items may get stuck, and this is a common problem for heavy towels.

They also say that it takes a while for the spin cycle to finish. Clothes are also hard to dry because they come out a bit too soaked. Another common problem is that spinning should be done several times.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- energy efficient
- space-saver
- easy to use
- has programmable features
- has sleek electronic controls
- stylish
- most parts are durable
- can clean well
- works quietly


- clothes come out still too soaked
- cannot accommodated actual capacity for loads
- spin cycle takes time to finish
- some laundry items get stuck in the spin cycle
- need for respin

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