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Samsung J845

As we are approaching to the new era of technology there are few of the things being precious to mankind. One of these is saving water. May be that have been the philosophy of makers from Samsung that they have developed such a machine in the form of Samsung J845.

I have been using this machine for last one year and it has become in oneway ,part of our life in my family.A completely satisfied customer I strongly recommend this machine for someone if having same family size like me, is planning to buy one. Using this for this much long has been quite smooth.In few of the occasions when my child treated it on rough ground I found two screw on the ground which by my own experience I screwed by myself.

Samsungs J845 is a front loading washing machine is one of the most water efficient washing machines available so far in its class. It has got the weight capacity of around 7 Kg making it ideal for a family of 3 to 4 personnel in the home.

It is having a weight around 160 Lbs which makes it a bit heavy. Although this can be handled by an average human but stickiness of roller tires make it difficult it’s movement around due to it’s rather heavyweight. Thought the dimension are rational but had the width could have been a bit lesser. its wide digital display makes you comfortable with setting time as per your requirement.

Here you can add clothes to a frond loader same time opt for half load. Door is wide, convenience for you. It has got child lock and anti foam control too. With this very water saving machine you can have one more function of Quick wash in 30 minutes with not much water wastage or any effect on your clothes.

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