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Samsung DV337aer/xaa

by Kristi
(Phoenix, AZ)

I love my dryer!

I love my dryer!

I have owned the Samsung front load dryer for 10 months and love it! Let's start with the appearance first. It is sleek and stylish and very attractive. I chose the red pair just to spice things up a little. Because after all, it's a little hard to get excited about the amount of laundry I have to do.

The clear door allows you to see through so you can tell what is going on with your laundry. I am amazed with the way my clothes come out of the dryer. Even in very full loads there is very little wrinkling. There is a setting for practically everything, which makes is easier for other in my household to help out. In addition to the settings this dryer uses "smart dry technology"

For lack of a better description. You may set the dial on normal which is about 53 minutes, but if the clothes are dry in less time the dryer shuts off. This adds to the efficiency (of the pair) and we did indeed notice a savings in our energy bill. You do have to monitor large, bulky items though.

For instance, my son's comforter will dry around the outside first but the inside stays damp. You just have to take it out and shuffle things around a bit and turn the dryer back on.

The only other drawback is the area in front of the lint trap. Sand, and other very small items (like "sparkles" from my girls' things) seem to congregate there. There is no great way to get rid of that except the vacuum. Did I mention the buzzer or bell that notifies you when the load is done? Not your mother's dryer here with the demanding "aaaaeeeeehhhhhh" sound - it actually plays a little tune. Singing to you that if has finished working so hard for you - won't you please come and do your part?!? I know it's silly, but honestly that is one of my favorite things!

Over all I sing this dryer's praises to anyone who asks. And occasionally I thank my husband for spending the extra to get a washer and dryer with which I enjoy spending so much time!

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