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Samsonite Dual Voltage Garment Steamer

I have this Samsonite Garment steamer for a while. I bought it on seeing it at a boutique where I usually go for shopping garments. The one I saw at the store was a bit bigger and commercial one but I was impressed by the way they have been using it to remove the creases. They have been using it on hanged clothes and the creases where going effortlessly.

I find ironing very tedious and hence wanted to try out the appliance, hence decided to search the net for the item when I finally found the Samsonite garment steamer. What attracted me to buy the product is due to the compact size. After a lot of comparison and price research I decided that I purchase this particular brand which seemed to be very handy and comfortable to handle. I placed the order for the garment steamer and when it got delivered at home. I started using it hanging my husband’s shirt.

The steamer has removed the crease but only by showing it on the sides for a long time. On cotton dresses the crease would remain and is very hard to remove from such fabrics. Now I rarely use it for removing creases and I prefer using ironing method rather than steaming. I feel that handy ones are not worth purchasing as they remove crease very slowly. The steamer is easy to use as you can easily fill the water and is very handy but the problem is that you are paying a lot for an item that is not worth for. I feel the bigger ones are a lot better but can be hard to use. But one thing is for sure that they removes crease completely than the compact ones. My experience with the Samsonite garment steamer is not so impressive.

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