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Runsun XPB32-800S

by J Irving
(Ipswich Queensland, Australia)

Twin Tub in action

Twin Tub in action

I have just bought this little cutie from ebay and am duly impressed by its capabilities. Primarily plastic, it is ideal for our caravan tours. Weighing 13 klg it washes 3.2 kg of clothes and spins 2 kg at a time in the spin-dry tub, where it also rinces.

I am going to find this both practical and versatile. It performed well in its trials in my bathroom and while it needs 240W for washing and 120W for spinning I have the means to cope with this fortunately while touring.

That it has a spin tub is ideal for my needs. It runs quietly and while not as portable as the 'bucket' type of portable mini washing machine, at 13kg it is relatively light and portable enough for my needs.

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Jun 08, 2010
portable washing machine
by: shanty

just go to www.ebay.com.au I just bought 2 days ago, works well maybe you guys can try that, hope can helps :)

Apr 25, 2010
Foreign product
by: Anonymous

Yeah this washer comes from Cuba" I bought one In havana and it works great. I know you will never have any problems with it but as far as parts in the US I don't what to say.

Dec 30, 2009
More information
by: Howard G.

Does anyone have more information about this washer? Have checked on-line, and can't find anything about this machine anywhere.

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