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Rowenta Ultrasteam DR5020

by Sandy Riley
(Phoenix, AZ)

I have had my Rowenta steamer for about 3 months and I really love it. I don't use my iron anymore. This is so much easier. It is small and compact and easy to handle. The handle is ergonomically correct so that you don't find yourself having pain after using it for a while. Some steamers are very bulky and hard to use. I had shopped around before buying this one and looked at many different kinds of steamers, big and small.

Some of the features on this model are dual voltage, which means that you can use either 120 volts or 230 volts. It has an adjustment to change the amount of steam that comes out which is very good because you will use it on different fabrics that require different amounts of steam. You can use it on a cotton t-shirt, a suit, dress, pants, sheets, etc. You can see how many different uses it has. When you fill it up, it will steam about 4 shirts without needing to be filled

This model has a 1.86 ounce water tank that is removable, which makes it easy to fill. You can also see the water level so you know when it needs to be refilled, so there is no guessing involved. It also has an electrical steam pump which gives you continuous steam. The Rowenta has 800 watts of power and comes with a hook so that you can keep it handy either in your laundry room or some other place that you can get at easily.

This model also comes with a large fabric brush which is removable. This brush opens up the fabric weave so that it can get to the wrinkles more easily. It also has a removable lint pad, which is extremely helpful if you have pets around the house as I do.

I am not the only one who uses this steamer. I have children ages 10 and 12 who love to use this. They think that it is fun. I must agree with them. This does not seem like work at all. It is so different from an iron. Where ironing seems to be laborious work, steaming is just the opposite. You can get fabulous results without the hard work. Try it!

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