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Rowenta Powerglide

by Bruce
(Cedar Lake, IN)

This is the best iron I have ever owned. It is a high quality iron, and always gets the job done, especially with tough jobs like men's shirts and pants. I have owned this iron for three years, and I think it will outlive me.

The iron heats quickly and produces plenty of heat for the toughest wrinkles. There is a red light which shows when the iron is fully heated. It uses regular tap water, and can produce plenty of steam, with five steam levels. It also has a burst of steam feature and a water spray feature. This iron has never clogged or spit particles onto clothes while ironing. It has never had a problem with starch, either. The iron can also make steam in the vertical position, which is great for curtains or touch-ups.

The iron has a polished stainless steel sole, which makes it easy to clean. The handle is also very comfortable. The soleplate always glides smoothly over fabrics. It also features an automatic shut off in vertical or horizontal position.

I would recommend this Rowenta iron, even though it is not the cheapest. It is the best.

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