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Rowenta Power Duo Model DX6700

by Sarah D.
(Frederick, MD)

My mother in law recently gave me this iron as a birthday present. At first I was a little surprised to get an iron... from my mother in law! But after getting over the surprise, she told me that it is just so great that everyone should have one. Now that I've used it a few times, I have to agree! I have already donated my old iron and will never iron with anything else.

This Rowenta model has exclusive pro vertical steam mechanism that can be used in two ways. It's very unique in that it has a long lasting burst of vertical steam for those wrinkles that are really tough to get out in tough fabric. The steam burst can be used when the iron is held vertically or horizontally, with equal power. Additionally, the steam setting is adjustable which allows you to adjust it from a light steam to a really powerful blast that can work on really tough fabrics.

This model also has many of the other famous Rowenta extras, like a soft touch handle, a highly polished stainless steel soleplate that is scratch resistant, and it switches off after eight minutes of inactivity or after thirty seconds of being left in a horizontal position or being tipped over (this has saved me more than once).

There is also a handy anti-drip system built in to the iron that helps to prevent spitting and leaking when the temperature is set a low; this is also handy when you are ironing multiple items and you switch between fabrics.

I’ve used this iron, with water in it, on fabrics like silk that can’t get wet and have never had a single drip. So, I thank my mother in law for this gift and will always take her advice on home-goods from now on!

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