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Rowenta IS-8100 Garment Steamer

by Jayoti
(chandigarh, India)

Rowenta IS8100 is the best garment steamer I have encountered with. Gone are the days when I have to take care of silk or delicate clothes so that they don't get wrinkles over it.

The best quality of this steamer is that it heats up within 90 seconds and provides high pressure superior steam. This not only saves time but this high quality steam removes every single wrinkle from your clothes.

Although it is a commercial garment steamer but still it is the best for home use as well. It removes all persistent wrinkles from all kinds of fabrics without damaging your fabric.The steamer gives you the best service in such a low price that is incredible. Some people may consider that it is costlier but when they use it personally they will get to know how much cost effective it is.

The advantages of this steamer are superior and high steam output with wider diffusion from large steam head, on board tool compartment,easy snap assembly, five foot hose and steam head snap on and off easily.

It is comfortable and flexible to use, you can even operate the switch with your foot there by making your work more comfortable and easy to use.Not only this but additional options are also there like it has cord storage-storage bar.It also has the auto cut off facility , auto-off switches becomes off automatically when the tank runs extra level of water. It has rolling big wheels and casters that provides it convenient mobility and easy to handle and steam your clothes.

Commercially it is of great use and practically it render good service.You can get it in the market for around $130 or more. The soft and stay cool handle touch makes it safe to use. Proper insulation is also there so you are free from any unimagined accident.

The quality of your garment remains the same and is not at all altered with the use of this steamer and you can save a lot of your time and energy.

As such there are no problems with this machine. It is a quality product and provides quality service.

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