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Rowenta Effective Model DX1700 Iron

by Tom
(Ft. Myers, FL USA)

We have not one but two Rowenta Effective clothes irons. One in our Florida home and one in our home in Illinois. This is one terrific iron and that's why we have two of them. I'll give you more specifics....

This unit has vertical steam capabilities as well as a burst of steam option and anti drip feature. It generates 1600 watts of power so can get as hot as you need to. There is an option that allows the user to vary the amount of steam being used, from no steam at all to full steam and a self cleaning function as well.

The iron comes with a small container to use when you add water to the iron. I have found the volume of water held by the iron will provide steam for at least 10 shirts.

The fabric settings are very conveniently located on a dial below the handle. There is a minimum heat setting for the most delicate items, another setting for synthetics, one for wool/silk and three for linen/cotton where you'll want to use steam.

The iron also has a valuable safety feature. It will shut itself off if not in use for a few minutes. Who hasn't walked away from a hot iron and forgot to turn it off.

I particularly like this feature because my daughter is famous for leaving with the lights on, the tv on and the iron on. With This Rowenta Effective model we don't have to worry about the iron at least. I wish Rowenta could do the same for our other electricity uses.

Another very important feature on this unit is the surface that comes in contact with the clothes. It is stainless steel. That means it will not rust or tarnish, a major protection for your clothes. The self cleaning feature complements the stainless steel surface to prevent minerals in the water discoloring your clothes.

I find the best way to use this iron is to start with a cooler temperature on the fabrics that call for a "cool" iron and then to work my way - and the temperature - up to the cottons where you'll want to use steam to get out wrinkles.

All in all, this unit has been the best iron we've owned. Usually ironing can be a pain, but the Rowenta Effective Model DX1700 has taken the drudgery out of ironing. I can't say ironing is something I look forward to, but at least it's manageable now.

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