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Rowenta DZ5080 Iron

by John

I bought the Rowenta DZ5080 from Amazon.com a little while back. It has been a very good investment. I was at first skeptical whether to pay $100 for an iron. But I thought that this would be an investment.

After reading the reviews it also seemed like buying this iron was like getting two machines in one. You're getting an iron and a steamer machine. I've tried plenty of irons that are on the market, and this is by far the best. Other irons don't take the wrinkles out of my polo shirts and pants. Even with starch I couldn't get wrinkles out of my dress shirts. No more problems with the Rowenta.

I'm in management in my company, so it's important that I look presentable. With this iron the heat seems more evenly distributed. My previous iron was a similarly priced Black and Decker and on that one it only seemed like the exact center was hot.

I also like the steam feature on this iron as well as the auto steam. It gets hot fast, and I can put steam to good use to press my shirts. I can get all my shirts done with just one pass over it, instead of going over the same spot many times.

Talk about saving time in the morning, the Rowenta is perfect. This might be due to the microholes which are present in the iron, i dont know? Although some might complain that it is too heavy, I like the weight too it. It makes going over clothes easier, it just seems to glide. My only complaint on this product has to be the amount of water it goes through.

I find my self refilling with water every 20-25 minutes. But I guess since it produces so much steam that is why.

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Mar 04, 2009
Functionality and Design
by: Philip Mark Deazeta

[Just the look of this iron could already blow you away!]The first time that i saw this very wonderful iron on the shelf the the store, I fell in love with it right away. I think that this is the most energy efficient iron in the market today. It is equipped with its electronic temperature control, I am sure that i was able too save a lot of money with this incredible device.

It is a bit expensive compared to other brands of iron but with the electricity that i was able to save with this device, I can assure that it is worth the money your paying for it. The auto shut-off really makes this thing one of a kind. With just a month of using it, I have already noticed the my electricity bills has gone down a bit.

If you are too look at the bottom of this iron, you notice right away that the steam holes on this thing ids very well placed so that the steam distribution would be perfect every time that you use this product.
I use steam a lot when ironing my office clothes and this definitely helps me get a well ironed attire in a shorter time.

Another great feature of this product is that it has a very large water tank, which means that I don't have to refill that much, helping me save time as well. Also, Its anti-drip system really works like magic. Now, I am always assured that all my clothes are spotless.

It is also equipped with a self-cleaning system and with this, I never have to worry every time that I am ironing white shirts. Also, I would say that the grip of this iron is really well-designed. Ironing has never been this easy and comfortable up until I bought the Rowenta DZ5080.

I would definitely recommend this to those people who thinks that functionality and design should go together.

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