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Rowenta DE-480 Iron

by Candace Adams

Rowenta makes the best iron I have ever used. Mine is a model DE-480. I do not know if you can still purchase this model, but you can pick up similar ones on e-bay for about $50.00. The model number isn’t as important as the brand name for irons. Although you can spend more, Rowenta is definitely the best value I’ve found. I got this iron as a free gift from an employer I used to work for.

After I got mine, my sister begged me to get her one too. After eight long years of use, they are both still going strong, functioning as well as the day we got them, and doing everything we want them to.

With the steam feature, one pass over the garment is all it takes and wrinkles do not stand a chance. The stainless steel surface heats extremely quickly and evenly over the iron and the German engineering just cannot be beat. Gotta love those Germans! I love the retractable cord and the removable water tank is a great feature that makes refilling super easy. It has a no-steam setting and adjustable steam, plus you can also have a burst of steam for those stubborn wrinkles. It offers vertical steam as well, so I can steam my drapes or hanging dresses without having to buy a special machine.

The base has a handy fabric guide that tells you the appropriate heat level for each type of fabric. Synthetics use the lowest heat setting, Silk & Wool are best on Medium, and Cotton or Linen should be ironed on high. The retractable cord makes storage and packing for travel easy. It even has an automatic shut-off feature so I don’t have to worry if I walk away and forget I left it on. Who wants to burn their house down that way? What a great feature!

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