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Rowenta Advancer DZ9080

by seema mishra
(Nagpur, Maharshtra, India)

My family consists of 4 persons with 2 kids and I cannot spend a day without my iron. My previous iron gave me 4 and half years of good service but it went out of order and was not repairable, so I had to purchase a new one immediately. I came through Rowenta Advancer DZ9080 and chose it from other brands. I had searched on Internet and found that users of this iron gave a positive note and it looked beautiful, useful and durable too.

When I started using Rowenta iron I found that it produces much more steam than normal steam irons and that helps me iron the clothes easily and quickly. The wrinkles get off very fast and my work gets completed swiftly. It doesn’t take time to start and I can start ironing almost right away without wasting any time in waiting the iron to get ready. The results are like professional and the steam is produced continuously, which saves further wastage of time.

The electronic controls are trouble-free and in addition to this it has a three way shut off system as well as anti-calcium system. The only thing is that it is a little heavier than other steam irons and that seems to be advantageous for me because it brings out perfect results. It is almost a year that I am using this iron but have never found any problem with it. I think Rowenta is worth the money spent on it and will last a long time with me.

However, features in any iron is a matter of personal choice because some like light weight iron and some would like heavier for good professional results. Regardless of its weight Rowenta has all the features of a modern day iron like it is automatic and is really an advancer as it helps you do the work in almost half of the time.

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Apr 20, 2009
I'm an ironing fanatic and this is the best
by: Jenessa

The best iron I ever had was my Rowenta iron. I'm an ironing fanatic and everything has to be crisp and clean so I was very pleased when this iron did everything I wanted it to. The front design made it so easy to iron around buttons. It produced more steam than any iron I've ever used.

I used it one day to steam clean a shirt that I didn't have time to take to the cleaners. It didn't by any means look professionally done but it served it's purpose. It's a little more expensive than any other iron I've ever bought and a little heavier too, but I like the added weight when I'm ironing. It helps the fabric lay down better.

Apr 20, 2009
High price is worth every penny
by: Anonymous

I am simply in love with this iron. I have never used such an efficient iron in my life. To start off, the iron just makes less work for me and my fiancee. Whether it comes to waking up in the morning and getting ready for work, getting ready to go out for a night on the town, or have your clothes look nice when you are out on vacation, this iron is always super efficient.

No longer do I have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on dry cleaning. The Rowenta makes it easy for me to get professional results. The tip of the iron is pointed in such a way that makes it extremely easy to iron in hard to reach spots, like around buttons, or in between awkward folds. It also adds a sense of professionalism in the way that it just seems to feel more like an iron built for industrial strength.

The iron just seems to emit a lot more steam then just your ordinary iron, making for a faster and better quality ironing job. The iron is a little heavy, but for me that just saves me the energy of having to press down on the fabric to get stubborn wrinkles out.

The main thing for me is time. I am on a very busy schedule and any processes that I can shave off even just a couple minutes, definitely is worth the extra money paid for. That is one thing about the iron. It is rather expensive. We paid somewhere in the vicinity of $140. This was a couple months ago, so I am sure the price has gone down a little.

To me it has been worth every penny. I swear it could have paid itself off just from being with us on vacation. We did not have to walk around in clothes that looked like they have been compressed in a suitcase all day, because, well... they had been. We looked great every day no matter what we were. The investment to us, has been worth every penny.

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