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Rowenta Acti-Steam Iron/Model: DZ2060

by Craig
(Queen Creek, Arizona, USA)

I recently received the Rowenta Acti-Steam Iron as a wedding gift and it is by far the best iron I have owned. It is very light and has a comfortable grip which makes ironing less of a chore.

I like that it can be used upright to steam curtains or a dress on a hanger. I also like how quickly this iron heats up and makes quick and crisp creases with its powerful puff of steam, which helps on those mornings when I am in rush. And best of all, when I am on my way to work wondering if I remembered to unplug the iron, I don't freak out anymore because I remember that it has automatic shutoff after eight minutes, as well as automatic shutoff after thirty seconds if it is tipped over or laying face down.

It is definitely safer than any other iron I have owned, making it a great iron for peace of mind alone. Unlike most of the irons I have owned in the past, this iron does not have the annoying problem of leakage - definitely a plus for me. I like the fact that it has a self-cleaning feature, even though I have yet to use it.

Although I received this iron as a gift, I checked the price online and it is retailing for around eighty dollars. Kind of pricey if you ask me, but in this case, I think a higher price does translate to higher quality.

Overall, I would highly recommend this iron to anyone who is looking for a really top-notch iron. I would also highly recommend this iron as a gift, especially as a wedding gift. I enjoyed receiving it because I would not have purchased an iron this pricey for myself. Thankfully, I have good friends with good taste in gifts!

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Jun 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

This was a great iron for a while, but then it started leaking. I kept using it because it did a good job, but it leaked all over my ironing board and soaked it.

Nov 19, 2009
Very expensive and so it is not easily affordable to all
by: Anonymous

- its steam flow is very good and effective
- it is very light in size and it is highly portable

- it is very expensive
- the steam button f the iron does not work properly sometimes

I have recently bought the Rowenta Acti-Steam Iron of model DZ2060. I am very much surprised and impressed by its working and performance. I have fallen in love with this wonderful and reliable product because it has helped me a lot in saving time and electricity bills.

Before buying this product, the job of ironing clothes was the most difficult and boring task for me but thanks to this wonderful product because it has made the boring job of ironing much faster and easy for me. The first and the main advantage of the iron is that its steam flow is very good and effective which removes all wrinkles from the clothes within a few seconds.

The other main advantage of the iron is that it is very light in size and it is highly portable as compared to other products available in the market. The clothes iron can be easily carried from one place to another. The grip of the iron is also very good.

Besides all these advantages, there are a few cons or negative factors related to the iron. Among all these cons, the main disadvantage of the iron is that it is very expensive and so it is not easily affordable to all. There is a large number of people who may not be willing to pay more than $80 only for a clothes iron.

The other disadvantage is that the steam button f the iron does not work properly sometimes. I have heard from my friends that it stops working after one or two years. I think that these are a few but significant disadvantages of this product. But still, the users can go for repairs and replacements. For me, this is the best iron I have ever used and so I highly recommend it to others.

Nov 04, 2009
What a great iron!
by: DannyBoy

I believe it's hard to write eloquently - or even very sincerely about an iron. It's a household staple, after all. But here's my shot at it: we had a Rowenta PowerGlide before it finally died after maybe six years. A great iron, to be sure. Never leaked, never scorched, never complained. It was a bit too lightweight in the long haul, but it serviced us well and finally just.. stopped. My wife knows I'm just a total research freak, and so I set out to find the 'perfect' iron without regard to price. Just like a man, don't you think?

There are some great reviews online for the Black & Decker D2030 and a couple of the T-Fal upper-end models, and even a new Rowenta Advance - but they're all bumping a hundred bucks and more - and none, NONE of them are available at a store where you can go and pick one up, feel the heft and comfort and possible utility of the device. Ordering on the phone or online will get you the one you want delivered to your door. In a week. Not good enough. I want it now.

I went out to see what I could find, and actually bought the 2nd highest rated Rowenta from Target - the Professional, for $99. And then I happened to be close to a Best Buy - went in and looked at their limited selection, and decided on a Rowenta Acti-Steam because it was so highly rated as well as less expensive, and in order to do my own comparison in my own home.

I do most of the ironing in my house. I'm anal enough and good enough at it to deliver a completely wrinkle free shirt, blouse, skirt or pants. I find it relaxing. A few passes with an iron and and the 'wrinkle problem' is gone. Very satisfying. Go figure.

After comparing the two that I bought, I decided that because the Black&Decker, the T-Fal and the Rowenta Professional were all about the same size, about the same weight, and were really just too darn big. The Acti-Steam feels better, looks better and has really only the compact size difference in terms of most of the features - and who really needs a digital readout anyway?

To say I was impressed is an understatement. This thing is more than an iron. It's a real household tool. It's good looking and solid. It does not feel like it's hollow. It's heavy enough, and irons like a dream. My wife's wrinkliest blouse only needed single passes to make the cloth as smooth as a baby's butt. Well done, I say. If you're looking for recommendations like I was - consider this a standing ovation. It's built solid and tight -you can tell after the first pass.

That's the 'pro' side. The con side is that this model has apparently been discontinued in favor of a newer version with the same name and that you can't find anywhere. The new one is heavier, with more bells and whistles, etc. You should find one of these DZ2060s if you can. Seek it out. Best Buy had a few. Go. Do it. Now.

Jun 19, 2009
Good, Short, Pricey!
by: Anonymous

Rowenta Irons are by far the best iron on the market right now...well the press is the best, very good steam flow, and a higher wattage than the norm, and with their chrome ironing surface making the ironing job fasterand better. BUT they don't seem to last that long and their kinda pricey.

In the last 10 years I've gone thru 3 of them and bought my 4th today! I'm a male and I press my shirts every morning 5 day's a week for like 25 years now, and with everyone else ironing in the household. Maybe we're over working them. Either the cord shorts where you can't repair it or the thermal link relay gives out and the iron won't stay on.

It seems like all irons have a short life span. Rowenta is not any different here they just perform better in that short life span at a much higher price.

At any rate I must have the best press quickly, but I'm not to fond of spending $400.00 now on irons over the last 10 years. I quess I'm in a bit of a quandary.....wait a minute hold up..I didn't say quandary did I?

May 16, 2009
So Far So Good!
by: bhs030801

I've always heard that Rowenta makes excellent quality irons and so far, I think that's going to be true.

I've had several Black and Deckers and the last one was a huge disappointment (the steam button stopped working in less than a year).

I've only ironed a few things with my Rowenta and it makes very crisp creases in slacks (a must for me!). . . . . and it really does turn off automatically after 8 minutes. No more wondering whether I turned off the iron once I get to work.

I think I'm going to be very happy with my purchase. I hate cheap irons and you get what you pay for . . . .

Mar 11, 2009
Glides extremely smoothly
by: C.J.

I used to have a Black and Decker clothes iron and I hated it. So for Christmas this year I asked my grandma to buy me a new iron. She of course does research on things before buying them so I was almost certain that I was going to get a nice iron. I opened up the pretty wrapped present for find myself face to face with a Rowenta Acti-Steam Iron.

At first I was a little skeptical because I had never heard of this name brand before, but I figured maybe it’s some fancy name brand. With no surprise this iron has been by far the best iron I’ve ever used. For starters I find this iron completely attractive. The time it takes for this iron to heat up is within seconds. Me being a mom and not having much time, this feature really helps.

With being so busy all the time I sometimes forget to turn things off, such as a clothes iron. Oops. But of course this amazing iron has a self turn off feature. Turns the iron off in 8 minutes if vertical and 30 seconds if horizontal or tipped over. Another great notable feature is the self cleaning option. This iron is made in Germany so you know its quality!! The Rowenta is very heavy and durable. This iron glides extremely smoothly. The steam is just right. It doesn’t leave my clothes too wet. It just so happens to heat evenly, which was a huge problem for me with my old Black and Decker.

The iron is a little pricey, but if you do the math, you will save so much money by using this great iron. You won’t need to take your clothes to the dry cleaner this iron gets the job done. My grandma bought this iron at Best Buy. If anyone is looking to purchase a new clothes iron in the near future let me suggest the Rowenta Acti-Steam Iron.

Mar 04, 2009
Amazing amount of steam
by: Mel

I have been wishing for a “good” iron to come along in a decent price range for years. I have had a series of below average irons to get the wrinkles out of clothes and I am always disappointed, until I gave in a spent about double the usual price. I decided to go for the quality and pay what it costs.

I find you can usually get good quality on other items at a lower cost if you are willing to wait for good sales and if you don’t care what brand you buy. But for clothing irons, this philosophy does not seem to hold true. So after quite a bit of shopping and research, I found the Rowenta Acti Steam Iron. I spent nearly $80 on it.

But I have to say I LOVE it! It works very well and the steam feature is better than any I’ve had before. It is an amazing amount of steam that you get and it is ready to steam almost immediately. The water reservoir holds quite a bit, so there won’t be that much time spent refilling every time you use it. So far it has not leaked on the fabric I was ironing, which is a huge plus to me.

I have yet to try the vertical steam feature, but that is something that will be very handy. I have a set of drapes hanging up right now that still have the creases from packaging, despite being ironed with my old iron. I think one key is that this iron gets very hot and it takes the wrinkles right out.

It seems to take less time to iron the clothes and I am enjoying it more. It is rewarding to iron, when you see such smooth results with so little effort. I like the weight of this iron as well. It feels heavy duty and not as light as some of the cheaper models I have used in the past. This is a great iron.

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