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Roper # RTW4000SW

by Caitlin T.

I bought this washing machine around three years ago from my local home improvement store and paid around three hundred dollars, give or take a little for tax. It is only 2.5 capacity, which was fine for me and my small family. I loved this washer, compared to one I have bought recently! This washer was simple, basic and great.

It would get your clothes clean the first time around, even yucky bibs with pea stains on them! I used cloth diapers, and I never had to worry about stains at all! Just throw in a tiny bit of bleach and let it go, and they would be perfectly clean at the end of the wash!

I think that simple is better sometimes, because not only does it save you money (compared to the expensive ones!). One of the drawbacks I had about this washer is that it did use a sufficient amount of electricity. I wish this washer could have come with an Energy Star feature for saving on electricity. Another drawback, although minor is the fact that there are only two wash cycles with this model.

There is no delicate, permanent press, or any extra special cycles, such as presoak or wool, or cotton, or anything. You have basic heavy and regular.

Also, there is only one wash temperature, which is cold, and one rinse, which is also cold. There is one water level selection, which is a full load. That could be a little annoying, especially if you just need to make a small load, but it’s not too big of a deal to find a few more items to make a larger load.

There is no bleach dispenser, or fabric softener dispenser. Which that wasn’t a huge deal to me at all. Also, it can be a little bit loud, but my son slept through ANYTHING! It’s nice and small width wise, so it fit perfectly in my closet.

It was about two feet wide, around three feet tall, and a little more than two feet thick. In my opinion, this washer is great if you are on a tighter budget and are just looking for the basics!

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