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Roper RED4340SQ

Great dryer!!

Most dryers I had used in the past would take about 1 hour dry and even then my towels would at times come out a bit damp. This Roper will dry in 30 minutes and it really does dry!!
It has a simple, clean look too it, no one of the fancy ones but it really does the job. But for 294 how can I complain!!??

Some of the other ones charge that much just for the pedestal!! That's crazy! It is not like I am going to take people to visit my laundry room anyways..

It took only about 20 minutes to install we the hookup already there...outlet, hoses, vent system etc. I am not sure how long it would take to do it from scratch since my house already had the hookup done when I bought it.

You can choose from 4 settings, two with high heat, one of them with a sensor for dryness, one with low and one with medium heat. I use the high heat with sensor and it does great!!

My father-in-law has had a Roper for 6 years and hasn't had to make any repairs on it since he purchased it. I had used his many times before purchasing mine.

So, if you are looking for a dryer that is inexpensive, that will do the job and not leave you hanging, this Roper is the way to go!!

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