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Roper RAX4233PQ Top-Loading Wash Machine

Roper RAX4233PQ Top-Loading Wash Machine by Whirlpool Corporation For someone who needs just basic washing functions, the Roper RAX4233PQ is for you. This particular model is great for a second home or rental property as well as for those who don't need all the bells and whistles of a more expensive (and not necessarily more efficient) wash machine.

The size, functionality and price make it an ideal choice for good, basic clothes cleaning. The Roper wash machine in our house has been in use for about five years. For us that is a long time considering the terrible condition of the water in South Florida. In the 19 years I have lived in my house, I have been through three wash machines. The water here is full of tannins and iron. The Roper top loading machine I purchased from the big box store down the street has really stood up to the task...and the hard water. My Roper machine is a standard white model. It has one dial to indicate where in the wash cycle you are and another dial to set the size of the laundry load. It has a porcelain on wire basket, is heavy duty, and is a four cycle, two speed combination machine. One plus for my Roper is that I can complete a load of wash in about 20 minutes. Another advantage to my Roper RAX4233PQ top loader is it's value. The machine cost less than $200.00 and has not had a problem or needed a repair since I purchased it about five years ago.

In today's uncertain economy, this is certainly a big pro in my book! While the two biggest pros of my Roper are its speed with which it completes a load of wash and its value, there are two cons as well. One is that while the machine states it is "extra large capacity", I find it only holds maybe a large load of laundry. The other con to the Roper RAX4233PQ is that it can easily end up off balance while washing heavier items such as blankets. This is a standard problem unless the heavier items are carefully place in the machine prior to instilling the water.

All in all, i would recommend the Roper RAX4233PQ top loading wash machine with a rating of 4. It has been a great, basic machine for me. I do not care much for the bells and whistles of the much more costly front loaders, especially when I am not quite sure those would clean my laundry any better.

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