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Roper RAX4232PQ0

Roper RAX4232PQ0- Heavy Duty/Extra Large Capacity/4 Cycle/2 Speed. This washer is pretty great! I got this washer about 2 1/2 years ago and it still works like brand new (I actually got it used from a family member, who had it for about a year!) I haven't had to replace anything on it (the previous owner had no problems with it either).

I haven't had to do anything to it but wash clothes! To be honest, I was use to all the "bells and whistles" and I didn't think this one would suit my needs, but I was VERY wrong, this one has fulfilled all my washing needs. I don't even think I used all of "extras" on other machines or even knew how too...they were useless. It is very simple, even my teenager is able to use it without any problems.

I like this one because it doesn't have a bunch of "extra" things that you really don't need. It has small and large loads with gentle, normal and permanent press. I know some washers do say "extra large capacity" and they are not! This one really is! I can put a comforter in there with no problems. It might be very important to note that we are a three member family and we have lots of laundry. I probably wash about four loads on the weekend plus one or two on the weekdays.

My sixteen year old son probably washes about two loads a weekend; he also "shoves" a lot of clothes in one wash, to get done quicker, but it cleans them and is big enough to reach this capacity. It seems like this washer can take a "lickin" and keep on "tickin".(I do not suggest mis-using it...just informing you of the large capacity) It doesn't seem to waste water or leak anywhere.....just a great machine!

I would rate this washer a four and a half stars out of five! They are very affordable and work VERY well! This washer is so affordable, you can stop doing your laundry at the landromat by saving time and money!

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