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Roper Heavy Duty Super Capacity Plus by Whirlpool model # 17BR120 (4C)

by Scott
(Delaware, OH , USA)

When our hand-me-down washer finally died in 2001, we set about getting a new one. The first place we looked was Consumer Reports Magazine's reviews of washing machines.

We found that for the money, Roper by Whirlpool, was our best all around bet. We already had a Roper dryer and were very satisfied with it. We purchased our Roper washer at Lowe's for under $200.00.

We have had it ever since. We have had zero issues with this washer. Its not fancy. Its your basic model with no bells and whistles, but it works great and gets the job done.

It does have several water level settings, wash settings, and water temperature settings, which is nice and comes in handy.

It also holds TONS! I have washed my king-sized flanel comforter in it many times with great results. The only downside that I have found to this washer is that its very inefficient per the energyguide it came with.

Its almost at the highest end of that spectrum. But, at the time I purchased it, I was only looking as the best I could afford. This said, I would recommend this washer to anyone who wants a good reliable washer but is not hung up on getting the fanciest one available.

If you want something to do a great job washing your clothes, this is the washer/brand for you!

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