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Rival IR600 iron doesn't shut off!!!!

My cloths iron is a Rival model IR600. I've had it for several years and I have had some issues with it. While it has performed satisfactorily while ironing(i.e. it heats up quickly and also has a steamer and a manual water spray function which I like and use all of the time), the metal iron itself has been marred, scratched, and it is starting to corrode and scale up.

The biggest concern that I have regarding this model of cloths iron is that it does not shut off when left in a standing position. I don't know if this unit was defective, but it seems to me that my old cloths iron used to do this. I know this is the case as I have left both my old iron and my Rival IR600 on after use, left the house for several hours, and come home to find my Rival was still on! It seems to me that this is a big safety concern and an auto shut off should be required on all cloths irons.

The other experience that I had with my Rival IR600 was after I was done ironing, I wrapped the cord up and put the iron away in the closet. When I went to use it again the iron had melted through the electrical plug partially. When I plugged it in (and I know I probably should not have done this but I needed to iron something), the electrical plug shorted in a spark and a puff of smoke. I unplugged the iron and had to find an old replacement plug to swap out the melted plug which I'm sure has voided the warranty. Again, I would think that having an iron with a fire proof, or at least heat resistant plug and cord would be a good idea.

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