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Purex Natural Elements

by Amy
(Louisville, KY)

I absolutely love the smell of Purex Natural Elements Ultra Concentrate. The scent of it is called Linen and Lilies. This has got to be the best smelling laundry detergent out there. The scent even carries over to your clothing.

I have tried many other laundry detergents and none of them left my clothing smelling as fresh as this one.

Of course the scent was not the first thing that drew me to the Purex Natural Elements. The first thing that I noticed was the packaging. It's a natural looking green bottle with a small blue top.

And when I say the top is small, I mean it's small, but more on that to come. Anyway, it said Natural Elements on the packaging. That got me interested.

I have been trying to go for more natural cleaning products and this detergent offers all natural ingredients.

Since I mentioned the small top, I have to say that I love these new Ultral Concentrate laundry detergents. It takes so little of the product to really get your clothes clean. I feel like I'm saving money by using so much less.

The price is awesome also. You can get a 100 fluid oz. bottle of the Purex Natural Elements Ultra Concentrate which does 64 loads of laundry for only about $6.00. When I was looking at laundry detergents at the store the other day, I noticed that like everything else the prices have went up. The Purex brand is still affordable.

In conclusion, I highly, highly recommend this detergent.

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Sep 17, 2011
Smells great!
by: Stephanie

This detergent cleans fairly well and the scents are great, leaving your clothes smelling fresh. The price is a few bucks cheaper than Tide... And I like how gentle the detergent is on my clothes. The cold water one is great, keeps your clothes from washing out!

Sep 08, 2008
I agree!
by: Anonymous

It's great smelling and it gets everything clean, too.

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