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Proctor-Silex 17600 Iron

by Mercury
(Cleveland, OH)

My iron is a Proctor-Silex 17600. It’s best feature is that it is non-stick. It also heats up quickly and ironed clothes come out very crisp. However, even though it is a non-stick iron it still can scorch and stain clothes so I think the nonstick bottom of the iron is over-rated.

It also turns off automatically which I like very much. The auto shut off feature comes with reset but I have never used it, so I don’t know how well that works. But if it is like the rest of the iron I am sure it is meant to be a helpful feature.

The 17600 is a lightweight iron as far as irons go. I have taken mine with me when traveling. You can also adjust how much steam comes out which is nice when you just need a little burst of steam, or a lot if your clothes item is super wrinkly. If you want straight water to get those crisp edges, it comes with the option for ‘spray’ or ‘blast;.

It’s ok to look at, appearance-wise I think they were going for that old apple imac look, trying to make the iron look sleek and modern and computerized. Instead it’s kind of dated looking, but whatever, it’s just an iron. I would have preferred it to be all white or all beige or all black but this one was on sale. I got it at Kmart for 19.99. It came with instructions in the box but I didn’t need them, overall it’s a simple iron and easy to use. It can handle most household items that need to be ironed. I have used it for simple things like handkerchiefs as well as tablecloths and heavy denim. I have also used it for heavy couch throws that just needed a little pressing with steam.

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