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Proctor Silex Steam Iron 17222

by Rachael
(Fort Worth, TX)

I like this iron because it has many settings for a variety of different fabrics. You can iron silks, cotton, polyester, linens, etc. with this iron. It has a round dial that you can adjust depending on the type of fabric you need to iron and whether or not you want steam. It also has a button you can push if you want to steam iron clothes that are hanging in a garment type bag, on a hanger or curtains.

The iron has a metal plate that keeps clothes from sticking and it moves well without snagging. nonstick soleplate for smooth movement on fabric surfaces. Prior to use, the owner fills the little water tank that is on the side of the iron. You can tell if the iron is out of water through a clear window. Once you turn the power on it heats up really quick and the steam is usually ready within a couple of minutes or so. An indicator light relates when the iron is on or off to ensure safe handling. The cord is fairly long which is convenient. The only problem I have is, if you accidentally knock the iron over, the water gushes out, and I tend to knock it over frequently. It did come with a short warranty, although I have never had to use it and because I paid less than $15 I would probably just toss it and buy another one.

The iron weighs less than 3 pounds and is really light weight which is makes moving it around from room to room easy. It gets really, really hot, also, so I do not recommend allowing older kids to use it.

Believe it or not, I bought it because it was cheap and I liked that it was blue and white and stylish looking. I have been pleased with how well it works!

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