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Proctor Silex 17520 Auto Shut-off Lightweight Iron

by true

My trusty iron of many years expired, being forced to crack open my wallet, I wanted to stay with a Proctor Silex. It has been a good brand for me price VS dependability and features. The price range of the "Proctor Silex Auto Off Iron" model 17520,was good. I paid 23.50 but I see it goes as low as $18.00. It is a 120 volt iron.

I expected it to be lighter than my old beast, it was, about 4 pounds. I was afraid the loss of weigh would make it harder to iron and easily get out wrinkles, but the iron works very well. The soleplate is non-stick. I don’t have a lot of very delicate clothes, but for the few I do, I like this soleplate. It glides easily. There is of course a temperature control. Low to high.

The spray is forceful to shoot at those tough wrinkles. The vertical steam ability is handy for steam ironing on the hanger. There is an adjustable steam dial to handle different fabric weights. The water well level is easy to see.

It may mean little to you but I was happy to see the 360 degree swivel cord. I bought a cheap hair curler with out one and it blew where the cord frayed, very frightening. I would not want to experience that with a iron. For all the features I like the automatic shut off best. I can be forgetful. It's a big peace of mind to know the iron will shut off and not burn my house down. The reset button does work well, gets you back to ironing quickly.

Normally my trade off for something that works well is I do not like how it looks. Not so with this iron. I like the purple color. All in all I have nothing negative to say about the iron. I think if you want the best iron for half the price you’ll be happy with this one.

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