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Proctor Silex 17288 Traditions Iron

by Manoj T
(Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India)

I usually like to iron my clothes myself and very rarely send it to the laundry. Having a good iron is essential so that you do not ruin your clothes. I had an old iron which was giving me good work for over 4 years, but it was a non automatic version and one really had to be careful using it.

After surveying the market, and consulting my friends, I bought a Proctor Silex 17288 Traditions Iron from our local customs shop at a cost of $12. What I liked about it was that it was really sleek looking and really light weight. After my old heavy iron, it feels like feather weight.

It gives a fine mist spray and the steam can be adjusted with the knob. I don?t always use steam as most of my clothes only need light ironing, however when I am ironing my trousers and jeans, I do switch on the steam. Steam makes ironing heavy clothes so much easier. I am not used to adjusting the temperature as my old iron was non-automatic so now I am getting used to varying the temperature according to the type of clothes I am ironing.

My daughters of course are enjoying this steam iron. They used to be forever after me to get rid of the antique piece that we had. It was basically their motivation that led me to buying this iron.

I am used to keeping my iron standing as I did with the old one, but this is a bit too light and tends to fall off. So as not to break the handle, I bought an ironing table too with a stand for keeping the iron flat. Now it is safe and I hope it lasts for a while. It is giving me good service as of now and I am very satisfied with it.

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