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Apr 03, 2009
Simple and straightforward
by: Thomas Stowe

From the days when I was young, watching my mother press clothes with out home iron and watching my grandmother press her jackets on Sundays, I've remembered quite well the process of ironing. When I was a kid, I can't remember not knowing what an iron was. It seemed like a foreign forbidden object when I was in grade school and somehow along the way I learned not only not to touch it but was it's use is and what it was being used for.

Ironing is a habit that I picked up at seventeen when I began working in an office. Pressed, lightly starched white shirts and pants were my favored attire and though appearing casual may appear comfortable and laid back, the merits of wearing ironed clothing are that in any career, the appearance presented by grooming and image of professionalism always impresses. My wife and I take turns and we iron our business and formal clothes both before and after we take them out of the our closets.

Using an iron we'd inherited from my mother for awhile was okay, but eventually we needed a replacement so I stopped by a nearby Target store and picked out a Traditions iron, both for the utility and price. At only around ten dollars, it works well and I think that it will be in our home use for awhile as I haven't had an issues with it. It's not very complicated to work so given the unforeseen damage occurring to it by leaving it on too long, it'll be used on many dresses and pants to come.

Steam ironing and element ironing are both functions of the iron that we've used. We ironed curtains recently with the steam iron function and it works well producing the effect I'd come to expect from any iron. With simplicity and straightforward use, made by a company who is a common household name and the price it's sold for, it's an asset to any home. If you need an iron for work and live on a budget like many single men and women, this is a perfect appliance for you too. I'd thought I might have some kind of issues with quality of the iron or it breaking because of the price but it's turned out to function very well for our needs.

We use it usually no more than two days per week and it doesn't show any signs of wear and works as well as it did out of the box.

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