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Procor Silex Ultra Ease 17109 Iron

The Procor Silex Ultra Ease 17109 iron was a gift from my parents. I got it many years ago from my parents when I was in college, and it still works just fine today. Its been through a lot. Spills, drops, and lots of ironing work.

I love how easy it is to fill with water, which can sometimes be quite the pain with an iron. With this model, it's very easy to fill it under a faucet. It's also light-weight and has a comfortable grip. It stores easily on the small shell above my washing machine down in the basement of my apartment building.

But really you could store it just about anywhere, which I think is actually really cool! Sure, it's not very pretty, and won't win any industrial design awards, but does it need to? No, it's just an iron that I keep in the basement, and the important thing is that it's reliable, trusty, and durable.

I know that I can always count on the Ultra Ease in a pinch before work or heading out for a night on the town with the love of my life. So do I recommend it? YES! Get one if you can find it!

I say that because, as mentioned earlier, this was a gift given to me many years ago in my youth. You may be able to find the brand somewhere, but I'm not sure if the model is till commercially available. Perhaps you can find it online though!

- lightweight
- easy to fill

- Ugly design
- A bit small

5 out of 5

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