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Philips Steam Generator Iron GC8225

by R. Jayaraman
(Palani, Tamilnadu, India)

I bought my third ironing appliance, Philips Steam Generator Iron Model GC8225, after the first two were dismal failures, making a mess of my garments. My mother-in-law recommended it because she had been using it for almost three years, without any difficulty. I purchased the same model from a home appliances shop, which was renowned for its superlative quality and guaranteed support.

The steam generator Iron, consuming 800W electricity, generates nonstop steam that makes ironing work very comfortable. It is a compact unit with a removable and refillable water container, is leak-proof and can hold maximum of 1.4ml volume of water. Therefore, water will not splatter on the garments while ironing.

The ceramic soleplate, base of the iron, heats the iron very quickly, within two minutes and protects the garments from extra heat and scorching. The swift ironing process makes the product very desirable.

Automatic shutting off with timer facility of the Philips GC8225 iron is very useful when we leave it idle ensures additional protection for users. The iron rejuvenates outfits that are dangling, for example, outsized clothes, fragile materials and curtains. Adjustable steam regulator helps to dry iron. The extra cord length of 2.5mts allows us to iron from a distance from the ironing table.

This high-priced iron box is worth its value with a large water tank and large volumes of ironed clothes are ready in a moment. Without this ironing device, I would find it very difficult to remove wrinkles from my clothes, especially cotton and silk that needs pressurized ironing.

I have never before been satisfied with my ironing finish, but nowadays it resembles a professional launderer's efficient work. My family worry that I toil over such huge quantity of ironing, but secretly I am pleased that it is a very trouble-free chore, which I can accomplish in my spare time. Moreover, the safety measures and self-cleaning attributes of Philips GC8225 are also outstanding.

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Apr 14, 2018
Purchase details NEW
by: Anonymous

Where do u buy this machine....

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