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PHILIPS GC2652 Steam Iron

by Roberta D'Rosse

I've had this iron for the best part of a year now, and so far have been impressed with it overall:

Here are some of its specifications:
Power - 2100W
Plate - Stainless steel.
Weight - 1.2Kg
Dimensions - 29.5 x 11.6 x 20.0cm
Other Features - Variable steam. 2M cord. Drip stop. Lead Winder.

The iron heats up quickly and is very easy to fill. The amount of steam it can produce is quite surprising too, and it has a booster button to increase it significantly to tackle tricky creases!

The cord winder is a great idea, it allows the iron to be stored far more neatly than would otherwise be the case. The iron's sole-plate is very easy to keep clean and doesn't turn yellow like previous irons I have used (won't mention any names though!).

It is one of the easiest irons to use out of those I have tested, and it is very easy to manoeuvre thanks to its design, where the cable can rotate through 360 degrees. Just last month I was at my sister's wedding and had to iron my husband's shirt, but the hotel's socket was behind a desk - not the most convenient place, but I was able to iron anyway on the other side of the board thanks to this feature!

The tip of the iron is well designed. It is of the standard pointed type, but is just the right thickness to allow it to smooth well, but slide under buttons - a winning combination in my opinion!

As far as drawbacks go, the unit is fairly pricey compared to others, and I had to send my first one back due to a crack in its side, presumably from being dropped. Overall though I am very pleased I stuck with this model as a replacement, and hope to get plenty more ironing out of it!

Value 3/5
Design 4.5/5
Durability 4/5
Practicality 5/5
Overall 4.5/5!

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