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Philips GC1621

by Ferzin

I bought the Philips steam iron GC1621 about 8 months ago when I accidently dropped my earlier one and broke the plastic body. I have always liked Philips for my ironing needs.

This model has a very comfortable non-slip grip with grooves for four fingers. It comes with multiple adjustable temperature settings as well as steam settings. Temperature can be set from nylon and satin to cotton or linen which have the toughest creases. Steam can be set to continuous or manual and even a spray option.

The base plate comes with a non-stick coating which not only prevents it from sticking to clothes but also helps the iron to glide effortlessly on clothes. The steam vents are arranged in a fashion which allow an even flow all over the garment, even on difficult to reach areas. There is a thermal fuse and automatic cutout for safety.

The water compartment for steam is made of transparent plastic and the bottom part is available in a choice of pastel colors. Mine is mint green in color. The iron is neither too heavy, nor too light. It is just the right weight. Power consumption is about 1200W.

Unlike my earlier iron, this is quite tough and sturdy. I also noticed that the body is more resistant to scratches. The power cord does not curl up and stays straight.

I would recommend this iron to anyone who hates ironing and wants to get over with it quickly, yet wants to do a thorough job.

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