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Philips Diva GC148

by Noorin Samdani
(Dubai, UAE)

I have purchased this Philips iron about 3 months back and i feel it was my best deal. I had no problems with it till date. My mother likes to wear cotton garments and it was very difficult for me to iron them as i had a heavy weight iron it looked as a big task to me and it was time consuming. But this new Diva 148 Philips Type GC148 is very light weight and easy to iron and gives you a wrinkle free dress in no time.

The one i have purchased is of milky white and lavender color combination which makes it very attractive. It has a fine black base at the bottom. You can iron any type of cloth with it from cotton,silk,nylon etc. We can find the adjustment to it depending on the type of cloth,which makes it very comfortable to use. Its user friendly in short. There were a number of other brands at the store with variety of features but i preferred Philips.

The Diva 148 Philips Iron has an orange light.In front of it we have the setting for the type of cloth ,we just have to keep the setting on the type of cloth we want to iron and start ironing. Once the iron get's heated the orange light automatically switches off indicating to us that the iron is heated. You can either low down the setting to minimum if u find the iron too hot or in a few moments you'll find the orange light glowing again,reheating the iron.

My previous iron was also good it gave a service of 3 years and is still in working condition.But since I'm a Blood Pressure patient my hand used to pain every time after I ironed the clothes;due to its weight.But this new iron is just weightless but at the same time gives me wrinkle free clothes without much effort on my body.I don't feel tired and stressed out as i used to previously.Life is busy but my new Philips Iron makes it a little easy for me.

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