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Philips Diva Gc 83 Iron

I have bought the Philips diva cloth iron recently from an online store. The cloth iron worked perfectly for a month without any complaints. The iron box style is good it is light weight and very handy but the heat rotating adjustment switch is very clumsy.

It comes out easily and is made of cheap material. After one month of using it the switch came out of the iron box. I tried repairing it by pressing it on its nozzle but now I find that the iron box is not working and it is not heating. Now I need to find a Philips service centre to get it repaired.

I liked the model as it is not very complicated or the high end type. I decided to buy this product since my previous cloth iron was of superior quality with steam iron and non-stick bottom. The previous iron box in spite of being non-stick would have clothes stuck on it on over heating. I decided to purchase this simple model bearing in mind my previous experience with cloth iron.

There are a lot of cloth irons available in the market with a lot of extra facilities but I found this particular brand to be simple yet cute, hence I decided to purchase it. More over the brand Philips is one brand that I trust the most. Due to these factors I decided that it would be best for us. Even after using it I liked it very much but the heat adjusting switch has so soon come out and hence I do not recommend it to anyone.

Since I bought it online the returning process is quite tedious hence I decided that I give it to any of the Philips service centre and get it repaired. The cloth iron has got one year warranty so I hope I would get it repaired free of cost.

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