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Panasonic NI-R51NR

Overall, our experience with this model of iron has been positive.

We purchased this iron about three years ago from Target. We chose this iron because we trusted the Panasonic brand and because it offered some features we were looking for, including automatic shut off and control of the level of steam.

As I said, overall our experience with this iron has been positive. It heats up quickly, it is heavy enough without being too cumbersome, and the handle fits comfortably within my grasp. The controls on this iron are easy to read and operate. A push button on the handle easily allows the user to control the amount of steam--light, medium or heavy--simply by how far in the button is pushed. There is another steam control feature as well: One button allows for a "cloud" of steam to come from the iron, another button sends a spray of water.

Another nice feature of this iron is its electrical cord retraction ability. No more wrapping the cord round and round the iron when putting it up, only have to unwrap it later on. With one simple button, this iron allows you to immediately retract the cord, and then, when ready to use, the cord is easy to pull out.

The iron, in general, has held up well after three years of use. The iron's heat plate has stayed clean even though we live in an area with very hard water.

We've had just a few complaints about this iron. The rubber cover for the water reservoir came off far too easily and now has disappeared: hence, water sloshes out sometimes when ironing. Another issue is that the water reservoir runs out of water fairly quickly, at least for the amount or type of ironing that we do. Also, sometimes with heavier fabrics, the iron does not take out the wrinkles, even with lots of steam--it seems to take longer than with previous irons.

The biggest complaint, however, is that it turns off automatically far too quickly. If I stop for just a few moments, the iron shuts off and I have to move it in order for it to turn back on. It seems as though when this happens the heat drops dramatically, so I have to wait for it to reheat. As I said, it does heat up quickly, but I have to restart it several times even just while ironing a pair of pants.

Would we purchase this same model again? Perhaps, but the next time we are looking for an iron, I think I will do a bit more research, especially about the length of time before the iron automatically shuts off.

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