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Panasonic NI-N52SR Iron

I am satisfied overall with my iron. It is so easy to use. In the past, I have used irons that would heat up and then I could never get them to steam. This iron is not that way. Once it reaches the steam level that you want, it will steam until it is out of water. This is a big plus because I have used irons that were still have full but they ran out of steam.

Another great thing about this iron is that the steam has two settings. So, if I am ironing something that is delicate, I can not only set the temperature but I can adjust the steam level.

The iron also has a wheel that allows you to adjust the temperature control. I remember when irons had 3 settings: low, medium and high. This iron uses a number system that allows you to control the temperature. The drawback to this is that the wheel is located directly under the handle and it is sometimes easy to either raise or lower the temperature of the iron.

Another plus is that if the iron sits in the upright position - like if you went to answer a phone call, then the iron will automatically cool down after a specified period of time. When you go to use it again, it has to heat up because the light has come on. This is very useful if you have to leave the iron for a few minutes.

Finally, there are a couple of other small things with the iron that I would change. The first is that the iron is a clear, blue plastic so it can be difficult to see when you are filling up the water how much is in there. Also, the fill spout is on the handle so you have to hold the iron at a weird angle to be able to fill it up.

Oh, yeah, I like the retractable cord, too.

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