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Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron w/Stainless Steel Soleplate

by Marge
(new york)

My daughter purchased the Panasonic NI-C78sr steam/dry iron a few months ago after my very old iron (1970’s) died. My daughter gave this iron to me as a gift (it was kind of a bummer for a present) but she meant well. My family has long been after me to get rid of “old faithful” as I liked to call it, but I do not suspect foul play.

This iron has an auto shut off which is nice compared to my old one which could burn down the house if I was not careful. It has a stainless steel bottom which I find does glide easily over the clothing. It has a self cleaning function, which is nice compared to the scouring pad I used on old faithful. An anti-calcium system to keep the steam vents clean, which I do not ever recall having a calcium build up in the other one so I do not know if that is necessary. It weighs around 5 pounds which is about 5 pounds lighter than “old faithful” which is real nice. It has a retractable cord which I think is absolutely wonderful. Why everything that is electric does not have a retractable cord is beyond me.

This iron also has a detachable water tank. Now this is where we go wrong. I don’t know if people find it necessary to detach the water tank to perform the complicated task of putting water in a reservoir. I see no problem with lining up a little whole on your iron and turning on the faucet and filling the iron the “old fashioned way.” I could be showing my age on this one, but so be it.

Now maybe it was a sub-conscience incident over the bummer of the birthday present thing, (I like to think that I am not a mean spirited person) but sure enough while filling the detachable water tank I dropped it. Lets just say all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put the reservoir back together again. If I had dropped Old Faithful it would have dented the floor!

So I have to say I would not recommend this iron for that one reason. But regardless of the model, don’t give an iron as a birthday present!

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