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Panasonic Electric Cordless Steam Iron Ni-L70SR

by Asha Jayaraman
(Palani, Tamilnadu, India)

The online review of Panasonic Clothes Iron products intrigued me so I decided to randomly check them it out on the market. Panasonic showroom was located nearby and my friend had recommended about their excellent reception and support, so obviously, it was my first shopping choice. The classy showroom displayed numerous home appliance models, among them the Panasonic Ni-L70SR Electric Cordless Steam Iron.

I bought it with my credit card and find it a very convenient appliance for my everyday ironing job, though somewhat weighty.

I was mesmerized by Aqua colored steam iron from Panasonic with
*Electrical consumption at 1500 Watt,
*Cordless and chargeable. Charger on the base contains automatically foldable cable,
*Weighs 2.3 kilogram,
*Heavy-duty and
*Transportable with a handy plastic, translucent plus heat-resistant carrying case.
The charger is extremely fast to replenish the battery before a person folds his ironed clothes. The steam iron is very smooth and flattens clothes pretty quickly.

The battery charger cord spool spins the cable automatically, by switching on a button, to prevent any irregular tangling. I can disconnect the water container to replenish water supply from the tap, which can contain a maximum of 150 ml. to create variable amount of steam that alleviates removal of wrinkles from the clothes.

Temperature control mechanism with light indicator and automatic cut-off feature, when not used for a specific time, is controlled by a microchip that provides maximum heat for flattening wrinkled clothes. This facility is very useful if you forget to switch off the clothes iron. The base is manufactured with non-stick finishing on high-quality stainless steel.

Ironing is so simple with the water spray and steam provision in my Panasonic Steam Iron Ni-L70SR that my 10-year old child helps me with my clothes. I do not worry anymore about the extra cord that disturbs me while at work and often trips me. Service technicians from Panasonic are trained extensively to handle any complaints and respond quickly after I inform them. But I am proud to say that I have never had any reason to complain about my desirable and sleek cordless clothing iron.

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