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Panasonic Cordless NI-L46NR

by Kimberly Schmidt
(Des Moines Iowa Polk County )

Owning a Panasonic Cordless Iron has been a life saver. I take my iron everywhere since it is cordless. I can travel with my iron. Taking it with me on trips has been a wonderful thing. Clothes get wrinkled after a while in the suitcase.

They can get the same way when traveling on a plane, train, bus, anywhere. I did my research on different irons as well. I looked to see what one would fit my lifestyle. Since having children it helps having iron a good one.

Going to different stores, online shopping, catalogs to do my comparing. Price was not a big issue. It was quality, features, make of the iron for me. Clothes after ironing look fresh and new again. I love this iron because it is portable i can take it anywhere.

I read allot of different reviews on the irons made out there. Reading both the pros and cons. I did not see allot of cons about this one iron. Panasonic Cordless Iron i will buy another one for gifts.

I would recommend this iron to families with kids. Kids who are active and need the freshing up on the clothes. A day out say while on vacation you notice the kids shorts are a bit wrinkled.

When you go back to your hotel room you freshen them up with the iron. Like new. Kids are in plays at school or doing activities there clothes get wrinkled. You iron them before they go on stage or while they are in intermission.

Uses for the cordless iron is endless. I can plug it in anywhere to charge up and ready to go again. I love my iron and i love my Panasonic. I would recommend to anyone buying a iron and have an active family. Buy this iron.

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