Organizing your garage
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The thought of organizing your garage or the basement is enough to strike terror into the best of us! There are heaps of things and many boxes which haven’t been in use for years. When you set out to organize your garage it is a good idea to make sure you have large trash bags available. Throw away everything you no longer need. It’s a tough job to start but once you get going it will become much easier.

When you have the things you want to keep you can decide how you will store them. Have containers available where you can put your belongings to protect them from mildew, water and pests. After everything is organized into boxes and cleaned, it’s a perfect opportunity to scrub the floor and walls before everything gets put back.

It’s best to sort items to how helpful they are to you. Think if they are seasonal, baby items or being saved for other relatives. Are the just sentimental belongings you can’t bare to be without? Store them in labeled boxes near the back or at the top of your storage areas.

Items you use on a more regular basis need to be stored where they can be assessed easily – maybe near cabinets or open shelves. There are options to buy your own storage unit – perfect for garages and basements. You can get them in either plastic or metal and they’re durable to last in the more inhospitable conditions!

When keeping items in the garage always put them in places depending on when and how often you need them. Seasonal items can be rotated into the places which are easily accessible. Over head storage shelves are idea to add that extra edge when storing things in the garage. Check your garage door before you buy one to make sure that it is compatible.

Tools can easily be hung on a pegboard. You can arrange the hooks to fit your particular need. This also results in the workbenches being free from clutter. Used jam jars are a classic solution for organizing nuts and bolts.

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