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ONIDA G552 12G125H

by saravana

We have this washing machine since 11 years. We bought in the ONIDA showroom. The service is very good. We got some issues in the machine after 5 years. Then we got serviced with the ONIDA service center. We got back the machine with in 2 weeks. After seven years the spinner got repaired. Still we are using the same washing machine.

The disadvantage in using washing machine is the color will not get cleaned perfectly. So we need to use our hands to make it clean. The first damage that will occur in a washing machine is water leakage. There will be a leakage while washing. And another is current leakage. Its a major disadvantage in our washing machine.

But we are happy that the age of our washing machine is about 12. I think this will continue. And i we had a chance to buy a new washing machine then we ll go for same modal.

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