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Morphy Richards 40659 Iron Steam Spray Coated Soleplate

I had this iron for quite a while now. This gave me the chance of being able test all its features and benefits. I initially bought it due to its price. I was renting a flat at the time and wanted to spend as little as possible on ironing.

The Morphy Richards 40659 Iron Steam Spray Coated Soleplate is a small sized iron and has a steamer. Its size is great when you had little space as it is easy to put away. On the other hand, it takes you longer to iron an item. It takes me 5-7minutes to iron a shirt with this machine (and my wife says I am fast at it!) .

The steamer works pretty well, although it can drip a little bit at the beginning, when the water tank is full and then runs out of water fairly quickly (about 10 minutes max.) once it gets really hot. The cable is long enough for comfort although I wouldn’t have minded if it was an extra meter longer. Having said this, the cable is robust and I never had any problems, even when it gets really twisted, making it a safe product to use.

It comes in different colors, so you can choose the one that matches your house and in terms of design has a modern look. Over time it has built some limescale at the bottom which to be honest I haven’t cleaned since it hasn’t affected either its performance or any of the items I have been ironing. I highly recommend it. It is fantastic value for money.

- This iron offers value for money. It works fairly well for its price.
- Its size is great if you live in an apartment or flat as it can be put away easily.

- The water seems to evaporate quite quickly. I have to re fill it every 5 shirts or so.
- It can build limescale over time. Mine has some at the bottom (this is not affecting any of the clothes though).

3 out of 5

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