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Miele W4842 27" Touchtronic Washing Machine 4.0 cu ft

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  Quick Specs  
Style: front loading, white, stainless steel drum 
Cleaning: 1600 rpm, 4.0 Cu Ft., 6 temperature levels
Cycles: 12 Wash Cycles
Features: up to 24 hrs delay start, Touchtronic control system, PC update function, RemoteVision technology,
fast spinning washing machine

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The Miele W 4842 27" Super Large Capacity Washing Machine holds about four cubic feet worth of laundry in a stainless steel durable drum. The machine opens to the side and allows for easy loading and unloading of laundry. The washing machine runs on 110 volts of electricity and is energy-efficient with about 186KWh consumption per year.

Interior Features
  • The washing machine tub is made out of durable stainless steel that is capable of handling the stress of a large capacity washer.
  • The machine also employs a 24-hour delay start that allows you to do your laundry overnight!
  • The revolutionary PC Update function allows you to be up to date when it comes to washer technology. The feature allows a Miele technician to adjust your washer's settings through his laptop.
  • The W 4842 is also equipped with a fault indicator that lights up in case there is something wrong with the pipes that feed water into your machine and the drainage pipes.
  • The Miele washer also employs the RemoteVision technology, which allows important information about the functions of your washer to be transmitted to Miele technicians in order for them to better diagnose the problem.

    Exterior Features

  • Being able to see everything within the washer's drum is important. The W4842 comes with interior lights that allow you to do so.
  • The washer is available in a white finish that matches any laundry area design. It also comes in a stainless steel finish for a more industrial look.
  • The porthole door opens easily and is secured by metal hinges.
  • The washer comes with an optional laundry stand with storage drawer that makes it easier for the user to do laundry.
  • The W4842 washer comes with an angled control panel that allows the user to read and maneuver the controls without having to bend near the control panels for a better look.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 30 inches
    Height: 39 7/8 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Total volume: 4.0 cu. ft.


    The angled control panels make it easier to work the machine as the figures on the controls are seen without the need to look closer. The machine can handle up to 4.0 cubic feet of laundry which is far more than the regular washer can handle.

    The machine has 12 MasterCare wash programs that addresses almost all the washing needs of a family. The W4842 also offers six levels of water temperatures that may be used for different types of laundry. The stainless steel tub is durable and can handle the volume of the laundry.


    The control panels have a lot of buttons and too much options to choose from. Setting the customized wash cycles can be a hassle sometimes. Choosing the right wash cycle is important but to multitude of choices for the W4842 is too much.


  • has specific wash cycles to choose from.
  • door opens and locks easily and does not allow for leaks
  • buzzer and warning lights are very helpful
  • interior lights are bright enough for the user to check the contents of the tub


  • too many buttons
  • water settings are defective sometimes

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  • Comments for Miele W4842 27" Touchtronic Washing Machine 4.0 cu ft

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    Jul 17, 2012
    soap drawer
    by: ron

    Same problem with soap drawer it pops open and water gets on the floor so we use duct tape to hold it closed. can't find where to get a new drawer

    Mar 13, 2012
    Faulty Soap Dispenser
    by: Nancy

    I have the same problem with the soap dispenser as the previous comment. The entire dispenser fall off the machine. I too have a large piece of duct type afixed to the machine and the soap dispenser.

    Mar 18, 2011
    Excellent wash quality but gotta follow instructions
    by: Peter

    you can definitely tell the build quality difference with these machines compared to the other companies. This is build like a tank weighing around 250lbs for the washer itself.

    besides that it's extremely quiet except when in super spin cycle (it goes extremely fast, you can't even make out the clothes, manual says somewhere around 1300 rpm) so the clothes come out just moist.
    i find with the special honeycomb drum it seems to take better care of things like silk shirts and fine items.
    you have settings for any type of fabric you can think off with the normal settings conveniently located just a button away. if you do want to wash things like silk and woolen you have to go into a separate menu, but It's really pretty simple, took me 2 min to figure out.
    anyone having problems with the controls must have a nightmare working any electronics so i'm surprised they even make it online.

    One thing people forget is that miele has detergents made specifically for their laundry machines.

    using non he detergent is a major no-no. i washed a woolen sweater once without their detergent and it shrunk a bit, then i used their special liquid detergent for wool, didn't have that problem. so there really is a difference.

    I find miele products to be like any other german brand like BMW and Mercedes, they are luxury but you gotta know how to use it and once you do, you wonder how you ever did without it.

    only drawback i have with these is that they don't come in the new funky colors you see other machines come in,
    but of course, maybe in 10 years, that funky red will be like the almond beige of the 90's

    Jan 26, 2011
    soap dispenser problem
    by: Anonymous

    My machine was delivered in October, 2010 and the
    soap dispenser door had a faulty part. It opens during the cycle and water comes out the door and floods the floor. Called tech support over a week ago and am still waiting on the upgraded part. I actually have a long strip of duck tape holding the soap dispenser shut on this expensive washing machine.

    Nov 09, 2010
    Best washer ever!
    by: Anonymous

    I have loved my miele washer! It has never even needed tending to. Would definitely buy this brand again and recommend it!

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