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Miele W4800

Miele is a well-known and reputable company that designs, develops, and manufactures appliances for home and professional use. Miele has built a good reputation for its reliable, durable, and easy to use appliances. Miele W4800 washing machine is just one of its many products that live up to its quality standards. This washing machine has gotten rave reviews from satisfied customers. Anyone who is looking for a new washer with advanced features and pioneering technologies should consider getting a Miele W4800.

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- is energy-efficient
- uses little water
- uses less detergent
- has a super capacity
- can heat its own water and has built-in temperature control

- the warping of the rubber boot
- pet hairs in the drum after cycles
- shakes when on the second floor
- doesn't have independent cycles, such as a simple spin or rinse cycle

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Product Overview

The W4800 is a front-loading, super large washing machine with a capacity of four cubic feet. This washing machine offers a wide variety of technologies, features, and settings, while still providing a package that is easy to use and environmentally friendly. In fact, this washing machine is so efficient that it is even certified by Energy Star. Not only will users get to save money on their utility bills, but they can also be more at ease, knowing that their washer won't leave a big environmental footprint. Here are some of the other features of the Miele W4800 washing machine:

Honeycomb Washing Drum

The Honeycomb Drum technology was researched and developed by Miele. The shape of this washing drum provides thorough cleaning that is also gentle on the clothing. This design plays a big role in the efficiency of the W4800. As the drum spins, water exit holes and water channels create a layer of water that acts as a cushion for clothes.

Touchtronic Controls

The Touchtronic Controls offer a wide variety of settings and options, organized in a convenient and easily understandable layout of touch buttons. With the touch of a few buttons, users can set the wash program for whatever clothes they're throwing into the W4800.

PC Update

The PC Update feature of the W4800 is a perfect example of Miele's dedication to innovation. Miele technicians can use the PC Update feature to view and change technical settings such as electricity and water consumption. The update function can even be used to tweak settings when using new types of detergent.

A total of 10 washing programs

The W4800 comes with nine preset washing
programs: delicate, extra-white, handwash, sanitize, normal, woolen, silk, sturdy, and wrinkle-free. As if this is still not enough, Miele also provides the option to create and save a custom program for the perfect wash.

Numerous wash options

This washing machine comes with a total of six water temperature settings ranging from a cold temperature of 30 degrees Celsius to a sanitize temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. Users also get to choose from six spin settings, going all the way up to 1400 rpm. Some of the other features include extended, heavy soil, sensitive, and buzzer options.

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- Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing the Miele W4800 over other types of washing machines is the energy and water savings. With its advanced technological features, the W4800 can be set for the most efficient and energy-saving wash for clothes. With Energy Star seal, this washing machine is certified for its energy efficiency, with an annual energy consumption of 186 kWHrs.
- When creating a custom wash program, there are a wide variety of settings and options to choose from. Users can set the spin speed, temperature, washing type, and buzzer notification.
- Another advantage is that the W4800 is relatively more quiet compared to other types of washers.
- The large capacity of the washing machine means that it can handle larger loads that many other models out there. Even king-sized comforters can fit in there without a problem.

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- One downside of the W4800 is that it can shake around if it is placed on the second floor. Still, it is usually recommended for laundry machines to be installed on the first floor for safety and convenience, so this probably won't be a big problem for most users.
- Another disadvantage is that the W4800 does not have as many features, settings, and options as the W4840, an upgraded model. For those who don't prefer too many configuration options, however, the W4800 makes a great choice.

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Final Thought

Ultimately, with the Miele W4800, the benefits and advantages far outweigh the drawbacks and disadvantages. This is a well-rounded washing machine with enough features to satisfy even some of the most value-driven consumers. Top-of-the-line quality, advanced technologies, and patented features are all wrapped up into a neat-looking package that will fit well in contemporary and traditional homes alike. The Miele W4800 is definitely a recommended appliance for anyone looking to take their washing machine experience to another level of convenience, technology, and energy saving.

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Comments for Miele W4800

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Mar 28, 2013
Well made design flaw
by: Anonymous

The washing machine is made nicely, but as everyone else has said, it starts to leak if you use a warm cycle.

I called customer service when ours started to leak. The guy knew what the problem before I finished telling him the symptoms, and told me it was the front rubber seal. He also claimed that the front seal is a high wear item, and that having it replaced was to be expected. The washing machine was only just over a year old when I called. They wanted to charge $150 to send someone out, and another $150 or something for the part.

After complaining, they agreed to fix it for free, but were fairly snide about it as if I were insane for complaining that my washer leaked a little on the floor. The repair guy accidentally left all his tools at another house where he was repairing a $3,000 coffee maker. Forgetting tools isn't a big deal, everyone can do that, but the experience made something clear to me. Firstly, even their extravagantly expensive appliances don't work right. Secondly, they probably hope that most of their customers are so wealthy they won't notice a $300 bill every year to fix their washing machine which costs less than their coffee maker.

Beside the leaking, it also has no way to run just part of a cycle, which is really annoying. I thought we wouldn't care about that, but when it takes as long as it does to run an entire cycle, you do wish that you could just get to a certain step. Sometime it is handy to just wring out some wet clothes.

Sometimes it will also lock up, or decide to quit washing half way through a cycle. You then get to start over, and hope that you weren't in a hurry to do another load.

Feb 13, 2012
Washer nice customer support terrible.
by: Anonymous

While the products are great Miele Canada is terrible. They will not provide any service info to the customers and are very unhelpful when you ask for assistance. They have gon as far as sending a repair company that had never even seen a Miele appliance when there ware several good companies right in in my town. They wouldn't admit that when I called them back but the Miele repair guy that I eventually brought in confirmed it.

Mar 24, 2011
Don't buy
by: Anonymous

Mine leaks too I hate this machine and paid a lot for it don't buy one

Dec 16, 2010
leaks like a sieve
by: Anonymous

I have replaced the front seal three times and since it is out of warranty it has cost a small fortune. The repair guy is nice enough and said the replacement seal was redesigned but if this is true it had no positive impact.I can see from the other comments that the water temp is the culprit. For this reason I will never buy another miele product and I suggest you avoid them.

Nov 10, 2010
Don't Buy the 4800
by: Anonymous

I am awaiting the fourth visit from the repair person. Though he is trying what he can, this washer is nothing more than piece of junk.

I have had problems with it from the day I purchased it. The call center is the worst I have ever dealt with. They will tell you anything just to get you off the phone and not have to send out a technican. They told me to push the start button "like it was on fire" and that would solve my problem of the washer not starting on one particular cycle. Guess I press it different on that cycle than on the others. How ludicrous.

They finally sent out a technicial who fixed some of the problems. I have had virtually all the electronics replaced and still have problems.

Last time they replaced the main panel as the washer just clicked instead of filling with water and then had the same problem with the first load I tried after it was "fixed". When I called the call centre, yet again, to get the technican back, yet again, the woman said that they did not do service in my area, but they would send someone out this time and not charge me. HELLO??? I have a washer that is 5 months old, has never worked and was never told I was out of the service area when I purchased it or the other three times a technican came out.

Jun 03, 2010
terrible customer service
by: J. Dietrich

I have recently bought a Miele washing machine and have experienced a problem with the machine after one week of use. The machine itself is an excellent product but the customer service I have received from Miele Canada has been very disappointing. There is a something wrong with the machine and they refuse to replace the machine with a new one.

I have had to have two service calls on this machine already in less then one month. I would not recommend any Miele product due to the fact that the customer service they offer is terrible. When you pay that kind of money for a product you expect it to work properly for more then one week. Very dissatisfied customer!!!

Oct 12, 2009
poor design
by: Anonymous

this washing machine assumes you don't know how to wash clothes. the cycles are way too long...some up to two hours and there is no separate rinse cycle. Depending on what you are washing, even the 'sensitive' option which is supposed to be an rinse cycle leaves some types of materials including towel still full of soap. I have tried using the smallest amounts of he soap and then the clothes are sometimes not clean.

In addition, there is no manual code for what all of these cycles are and when you try to call miele canada to get information, you wait on the line for an hour to get a sales person reading from the same useless manual.


Finally, event he dryer stinks. The "dry" cycle doesn't get clothes dry....and the 'extra dry' makes them too hot....there is no timer on the machine.

May 19, 2009
Machine leaking - lousy repair service
by: Anonymous

I bought a Miele W4800 6 weeks ago. On the very second use of this machine I used the Sanitize cycle. The heat from this cycle caused the rubber boot to warp and has caused the machine to leak water out the bottom of the front door. This does not happen with each cycle - instead it seems to happen randomly with varied amounts of water in the tub at the time.

The repair person came out a week later. The boot was replaced only to rewarp as soon as I used a warm cycle a few days later. This time it was on the White cycle as I was afraid to use the Sanitize cycle and was told by the repair person to not use the Sanitize cycle.

Another call made to Miele only resulted in the same repair person arriving, now denying that the boot was warped and actually filling out our repair form as stating that we would need to have our floor in our laundry room replaced. How a solid wood floor that has been in place for over 30 years would cause a washing machine boot to warp and ultimately the machine to leak is beyond me.

The machine is now starting to leak on a more regular basis. The inner rubber portion of the boot will chaf during hot cycles, leaving rubber bits in the laundry. And the clothing is not coming out of the machine as wrung as possible on some cycles.

We are awaiting a third visit from the same repair person. I have not had any satifaction from the manager that we have been dealing with over the phone the last week. He denies receiving phone messages that have been left on more than one occasion and does not return most phone calls.

Germany Miele - please come to Canada and sort out the problems with this machine and service.

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