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Miele W1203

by Steve C
(Attleboro MA.)

Miele W1203 Model. I bought This unit in 2004. Here! in 2009, 5 years later I am looking for A new washing Machine.

The drum broke right off the Counter wieght behined the drum. The counter wieght behined the drum is made of aluminum.

The aluminum coroded due to moisture that works its way behind the drum. I paid $1600+ dollars with the platform a additional $300.00. I thought Germans made great products.

The sales man said this is a superior machine. I think not!! I will not be buying another Miele Washers again!! I am totally disapointed.

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Jul 17, 2012
Miele W1203
by: Anonymous

I had the same issue/problem, but was lucky that mine lasted 8 years. I would have liked at lest try to fix it myself, but can not buy any parts for this machine. Of course not buying a Miele again!!

Dec 12, 2011
Miele is crap
by: Bob B

I have had the same problem with 2 Miele W1203 washer, purchased to reduce water consumption as we have a well. The unit worked well for 5 years and then the bearing let loose that holds the drum on. The meile tech said it would cost $1,200 to repair. I told said are you F-in crazy. I paid $1,400.00 for the unit number one and to die in 5 years! This is unacceptable. I fought with Miele and they gave me another washer. The second was the W1203 which was the model below my first washer. This did not have the delay feature. Had this unit for 5 years and it died again with the same issue. The drum broke off the main bearring. Of course they said it was due to being unbalanced on the floor. I told them bullshit, you installed it and certified that it was level on solid level concrete in the basement. Next they said it was due to hard water. I said your full of shit again as I have hadf a water softener for 15 years. I told them your equipment is crap. Long story short they provided a $400.00 crediot toward another unit. I purchased it to match my dryer. When it goes Miele goes! They suck!!!! Sorry.. I never have this kind of problems with my mercedes, any they are German. I would not purchase miele again.

Jun 14, 2010
Absolutely unacceptable product
by: Henriette

I found it almost amusing that the previous entry stated that she thought Germans made good products. Well, I was raised in Germany and still, Miele is thought of as a high quality - but also high priced product. I too bought the machine about 5 years ago, after years of longing for the best washer there is.

I was not really impressed by it's performance, but I owned it now, so I had to live with it. Live with it I would have, except now it is busted. My husband is pretty sure that the pump is busted, but that it is only one of it's problems.

I cannot believe it, I have been babying this thing, because I paid a fortune for it, it was over 2400, plus we bought the matching dryer (that still works - for now).

All in all, an absolute piece of substandard garbage, as far as I am conerned. I had a Frigidaire before this one. Although it was a new generation of front loaders and came with lots of problems, I had the ability to purchase extended warranty for that one and had all the problems fixed. This one did not even have the possibility of an extended warranty. I was not too worried at the time, because - was I not buying the Queen of washers?! Now I think they did not want to have to pay for all the stuff that could possibly go wrong with it. I will NEVER buy anything from Miele again - not as along as I live! This machine cost as much or more than all the washing machines I have ever bought, (including the ones I gifted to family) but the two I still own in rental places still run better than this Miele washer. And each one of them are older than 15 years!

Repairing this machine is much too expensive, I am going out to buy a new machine today. This one will be junked. Too much money to throw away!

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