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Miele T9822 Touchtronic 27 in Vented Gas Dryer (White)

If you're looking for a dryer with the latest technology, state-of-the-art features, a dazzling array of options, and a capacity bigger than what's usually offered, then you might want to check out the Miele T 9822 Vented Gas Dryer. Its numerous features allow it to harness technology in order to give you a better experience when doing household chores.

Interior Features
  • You can choose to have Natural or LP gas powering your dryer.
  • Eight drying programs with adjustable settings for further customization allow you to get the best settings for a particular item.
  • Moisture-based programs use the Novotronic design and electronic sensors to check the moisture levels of each load. This then allows the dryer to automatically determine the time needed to thoroughly dry every load, without overdrying. Two standard drying, moisture based programs available are Extra Dry and Normal. You can further specify whether you want Turbo for quicker drying or Gentle for handling delicate fabric types.
  • Four moisture-based, specialty drying programs are also available for more specific laundry needs. These are Delicates, Hand Iron, Rotary Iron, and Woolens.
  • You can also choose from two timed drying programs: 15 minutes cold and 45 minutes warm.
  • An additional feature is the anti-crease function.
  • Fault indicators, self diagnostics, as well as RemoteVision and PC Update, make maintenance and service of your dryer simple, instant, and easy. WLAN technology and personal computers make sure that your dryer is always up and
    running with its best capability.
  • An interior light illuminates the stainless steel Honeycomb drum.

    Exterior Features

  • A simple but modern-looking white finish gives this dryer a clean, attractive appearance.
  • A see-through door lets you check up on your laundry during a cycle.
  • The Advanced Touchtronic Controls and program sequence lights are on the front panel of the dryer.
  • This dryer can vent to the right, left, or back.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 30"
    Height: 39 7/8"
    Width: 27"
    Total volume: (unspecified by the manufacturer) super large capacity


    Miele dryers probably have the most number of options available when it comes to drying programs. The super large capacity allows you to handle numerous items in one go. All Miele dryers are noted for excellent fabric care while efficiently and thoroughly drying each garment. Customer service and maintenance use the latest technology to keep your Miele dryer running.


    This dryer is very expensive. You need a lot of space to accommodate this dryer. It's possible that this dryer may have more features than you actually need. When it comes to value for money, this dryer only gets a fair rating according to online reviews.

    Consumer Opinions


  • many options for drying
  • super large capacity
  • great drying performance
  • top-rated fabric care
  • high-tech customer service and maintenance


  • pricey
  • needs a lot of space
  • too many features
  • value for money is only average

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