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Miele T9802 Super Large Vented Electric Dryer (White)



Get the most cutting edge technology to make household chores a breeze. The Miele T 9802 Vented Electric Dryer uses the latest technological advancement to make your dryer even more efficient than ever before. An industrial strength appliance is now available for your home. Even the most demanding household can easily meet its laundry needs with this Miele electric dryer.

Interior Features
  • The stainless steel Honeycomb drum has a super large capacity. This drum makes your dryer more efficient while preventing wear and tear on garments.
  • Eight drying programs are available. Settings are either moisture-based or timed. Moisture-based programs use moisture levels to determine the right amount of time needed to properly dry your laundry. This prevents overdrying. Timed programs consist of 15 minutes cold and 45 minutes warm. Each program is further customizable with additional options.
  • Moisture-based, standard drying programs include Extra Dry and Normal.
  • Moisture-based, specialty drying programs include Delicates, Hand Iron, Rotary Iron, and Woolens.
  • Other options include the Turbo drying option and Gentle drying options.
  • An Anti-Crease function prevents the formation of unsightly folds.
  • The On/Off Buzzer drying option alerts you instantly when your laundry is done.
  • Get your dryer instantly serviced with the PC Update function. A Miele technician can instantly upgrade your dryer's programming in order to make it more energy-efficient or to add more features.
  • RemoteVision capability uses WLAN technology to instantly notify the nearest Miele client service center if any error or fault occurs on your dryer.
  • The interior light allows you to easily visualize the contents of your dryer, no matter what
    the lighting conditions surrounding your machine are.

    Exterior Features

  • A sleek white finish gives this formidable dryer a modern look.
  • Program sequence lights track the progress of your laundry.
  • The Advanced Touchtronic Controls make it easy to fully customize every load, so that you get the right kind of dryer treatment at the push of a button.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 30"
    Height: 40"
    Width: 27"
    Total Volume: (unspecified by the manufacturer) super large capacity


    The numerous options allow you to customize each load, so that this dryer can handle almost any item imaginable. The super large capacity lets this dryer accommodate the largest loads. State of the art fault indicators and self diagnostics make this machine easy to maintain and repair. You get strong, instant customer service if you run into a problem with your dryer, thanks to the RemoteVision and PC Update functions. Like all Miele dryers, this appliance has excellent fabric care.


    The options may be overwhelming for some users. Looking at the dryer's price and the features offered, this dryer has been reviewed as not having the best value for money. Equally efficient, less complicated, and less expensive dryers are available.

    Consumer Opinions


  • has all the options needed for any drying need
  • super large capacity
  • quick maintenance, repair, and customer service
  • great drying performance while caring for your garments


  • may be complicated for some customers to use
  • very expensive
  • not rated as having good value for money
  • may have more features than you actually need

    Full Specifications »

    Loading Type Front Load
    Fuel Type Electric
    Color White
    Drum Material Stainless steel HoneycombTM drum
    Control Type Advanced Touchtronic Controls
    Capacity Super Large Capacity
    Timed Dry 15 min cold, 45 min warm
    Temperature Options  
    Drying System Turbo drying option, Gentle drying option, Anti-Crease function, Buzzer drying option (on/off switch)
    No. of Cycles 8
    Cycles Extra Dry, Normal, Delicates, Hand Iron, Rotary Iron, Woolens, Timed Dry - 15 min cold, 45 min warm  
    Special Features Basket Insert, Interior light, RemoteVisionTM capable, Fault indicators, Self diagnostics, PC update function, Vents to right, left or back

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  • Comments for Miele T9802 Super Large Vented Electric Dryer (White)

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    Mar 18, 2011
    how is it complicated?
    by: Anonymous

    I have this dryer and i dont see how it's complicated to use?

    for the normal settings it takes you a few seconds to turn on.

    if you want to dry something more special like woolen it actually has that feature, again, couple of buttons and presto off you go.

    finding this machine complicated to use i would hate to see how someone handles something as horrible as the tv remote.

    couple of pros:
    1, clothes come out perfectly dry, the sensor is much better than others i have had in the past in detecting the moisture level in the clothes
    2, very gentle and has the option of fluffing your clothes every few minutes when it's done to ensure you dont get creases, that way you dont have to hover over the machine for exactly when it ends the cycle.

    as a bad thing, if you are lazy and dont go take out your clothes, it can be annoying to hear the machine fluff the clothes every few minutes.

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