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Miele Novotronic Premier 500

by Melissa North
(Dorchester, UK)

When my husband and I moved into a house with no washing machine we knew we wanted one that would last us for years to come. After much research we decided that the Miele brand was consistantly reviewed as being efficient, reliable, and economical.

We bought the Premier 500, one of their low end models, about 12 months ago and have no regrets. The German build quality is excellent, and even on high spin it is far quieter than any washing machine we've had before.

The machine only uses as much water as it needs and even on the short cycle it does an excellent job at cleaning clothes. Our model doesn't come with a timer or the fancier features of many modern machines, but it is very simple to use and does everything we need.

We use it on a regular basis and have have no issues with its performance. An added bonus is the 5 year warranty that came free with the machine, so we will have little to worry about for years to come.

Although Miele cost more than many other brands what you get is a quality washing machine that you can rest assured with serve you for long time.

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